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About IGD past and present

We are a research and training charity that helps the food and grocery industry deliver the needs of the public.

  • Insight and leadership: we provide insight and leadership through trusted collaborative industry relationships
  • Growing capability: we develop people working in or looking to join the industry
  • Delivering a better future: we create secure and sustainable public benefit through sharing best practice 

We sit at the very heart of the food industry, bringing together a unique network of retailers, manufacturers, primary producers and service providers to address the big issues.

Our in-depth understanding of shoppers, retailing and supply chains is supported by our knowledge of broader topics affecting the industry – health, nutrition, sustainability and economics among them.

This endows us with unparalleled insight that can help identify opportunities to improve performance and tackle business challenges. Our reach is global, with experts based in the UK, Asia and North America.

We invest the money we make from selling our expertise back into the industry through our charitable activities.

Charitable activities

The Feeding Britain’s Future programme comprises Skills for Work Month (which runs in September) and our Schools Programme (which runs throughout the year). Both strands bring together industry volunteers to provide insight into the variety of food and grocery career paths, along with training in the skills needed to thrive in the world of work.

Working on Waste is our major programme that engages industry employees as consumers by educating them around reducing household food waste. We share resources that can be used to make a difference to everyday routines and are helping raise awareness across an industry that is 3.8 million strong.

At IGD we now train and develop more than 8,000 people every year as part of our commitment to support industry employees throughout their lifelong journey in learning and development. We help people at all stages of their careers to flourish in today's fast-changing world and much of this development is delivered free through Leading Edge.

Finally, we use our position at the heart of the industry to foster effective collaboration between retailers and suppliers:

You can find out about our charitable achievements in our Charitable Impact section

Our commercial services

Customised projects

We create everything from tailored one-off reports to cross-functional programmes that deliver against our customers’ specific business requirements. Combining our trademark rigour, global industry insight and innovative thinking, we can help you get the answers, and results, that you need.

You can find out more about our customised services here.

Online subscription services

Online subscription sites Retail Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis and ShopperVista

Another way to access our expertise is through our premium online subscription serviceswhere our research teams share the latest insight gleaned from gathering market intelligence, tracking innovation and talking to shoppers around the world.

This research is used to help shape business strategies, plan for the future, or simply provide the latest information ahead of important customer meetings.


Throughout the year we run events to share the latest best practice, insights and news from every part of the food and grocery chain.

  • Update with us: our programme of specialist summits for the industry includes category management and shopper marketing, online and digital, and wholesaling
  • Get briefed with us: want to know the latest from senior figures at Asda? Would your convenience strategy benefit from hearing from the Co-operative team? Our trade briefings equip you to grow with the UK’s leading retailers
  • Win with us: the IGD Awards are free to enter and offer you the chance to gain industry-wide recognition, some great PR and a ticket to network with the biggest names in food and grocery

Images from recent IGD events


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History of IGD

We've come a long way in the past 105 years. 

How we are governed

We’re a charity governed by a board of trustees. We don’t lobby and we’re not-for-profit. All the money we make selling our research and services goes back into delivering public benefit.

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