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History of IGD

From the ripcord on a packet of biscuits, kerbside recycling, product numbering and date stamping, to GDA labelling, international retail, collaborative programmes and sustainability, we've been promoting learning, insight and technical expertise across the industry for over a hundred years...working on things that make a difference to ordinary people.

IGD's history

In November 1909 a group of grocers came together to create a body that would improve and develop professional standards of training and education in grocery management. The Institute of Certificated Grocers was formed. In 1972 it merged with the Institute of Food Distribution and the Institute of Grocery Distribution was created. Joanne Denney-Finch became chief executive of IGD in the late nineties and took us into farming, putting the last piece of the supply chain jigsaw into place. IGD is a truly total chain organisation working right across the food and consumer goods industry.

During the course of the last 100 years the food and grocery industry has seen a huge amount of change. We are now a truly world-class industry, delivering consumer goods through efficient supply chains, providing millions of jobs and helping to drive the UK economy.

History of IGD

IGD has seen a lot of changes too – our training and education remain at the core of what we do, but there is so much more to us than that. From our respected market intelligence, through supply chain expertise to consumer insight. We bring the whole food chain together to tackle sustainability, nutrition, health, and the big issues of the day.

IGD today

In this section you can find a potted history of IGD in our centenary timeline and a video looking at how far we have come as an industry over the last 100 years.

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How we are governed

We’re a charity governed by a board of trustees. We don’t lobby and we’re not-for-profit. All the money we make selling our research and services goes back into delivering public benefit.

Our charitable impact

All of the money we make through our online subscription sites, hosting events and providing services to our members helps us deliver public benefit through developing people, and helping consumers lead healthy lives and improving sustainability.

IGD Training

IGD Training

IGD Training helps people at all stages of their careers to flourish in today's fast-changing world. This is delivered through free personal development opportunities on behalf of the charity and also by paid-for commercial workshops, customised training and research projects.