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Daily food and consumer goods headlines

A round-up of today's news headlines about the food and consumer goods industry from UK newspapers. For more news and analysis on the major stories visit IGD Retail Analysis.

Today’s main food and consumer goods retail stories

Friday 24 March 

Retail sales rose 3.7 per cent year-on-year in February, according to the ONS

Full story: Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian

Analysis on the rise of inflation

Full story: The Guardian

Sterling was trading at $1.2527 yesterday, 0.5 per cent higher against the euro

Full story: Financial Times

More than 10 million UK workers could be at risk of being replaced by robots within the next 15 years, according to a report by PwC

Full story: The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail

Adnams reported a 7 per cent increase in annual sales last year

Full story: The Sun, Daily Express

Article on Tesco shares

Full story: The Daily Telegraph

Article on the competition Amazon faces expanding into the Gulf

Full story: Financial Times    

Article on the bribery allegations made against JBS and BRF

Full story: Financial Times

Secure Trust has expressed an interest in buying parts of The Co-operative Bank if the firm is split into divisions…

Full story: The Times, Daily Mail

…Comment piece on The Co-operative Bank

Full story: Financial Times

Interview piece with James Averdieck, Founder of Gü

Full story: The Daily Telegraph

Cabbage sales have increased by 39 per cent since Christmas, according to Sainsbury’s

Full story: The Daily Telegraph

Article suggesting that to make the perfect cup of tea you should not re-boil water

Full story: Daily Mail

Two in three dishes served to patients in hospital are warmed up chilled or frozen meals, a survey by the Campaign for Better Hospital Food has found

Full story: The Sun

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