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How to get noticed at work

Event overview

How do you get your career to soar?  You need to be great at what you do AND how you do it – particularly in the eyes of your senior colleagues. 

Understanding who they are, what’s important to them and how to deliver in a way that makes sure they really take notice of you, will have you climbing that career ladder in no time! 

Building on many years’ experience of working with individuals, teams, leaders and organisations (both large and small across the globe), Stuart Powell will take you on an exciting and interactive journey. This engaging session will help you to explore and ask:

  • What is a stakeholder?
  • What is stakeholder experience?
  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • What is their role?
  • Why do you need them?
  • What keeps them happy?
  • What do they need from you?
  • Are they on board?

Join us in June and make sure you're the one getting noticed at work!

Who is it for?

Our Leading Edge training is free and open to everyone working in the food and grocery industry - from graduates to senior managers! 

Our masterclasses are designed so that everyone has something to take away - they can be a great opportunity to refresh a subject that you are familiar with, but are also accessible to those new to a topic. 

To find out more about what to expect on the evening, see the full programme, here.

Reasons to attend

  • All Leading Edge events are free to attend
  • Attending after-work training shows dedication to improving your own skills and progressing your career
  • There is a 30 minute networking session (with refreshments) at the start of the evening, giving you a unique opportunity to meet like-minded industry peers

Meet the speaker

Stuart PowellStuart Powell

Compass Partnership are a Management & Thought Consultancy who believe true change happens when you put people first. They work with senior leaders and their teams to identify and solve the hidden human barriers preventing them and the business from meeting their goals. 

Whether your organisation is looking at big bang revolutionary change, or looking at change from where you are now, there is a solution at hand to support and design the task that confronts both you and your organisation and to build a positive outcome.  The Compass Partnership work through the 3Bs to ensure that they Breakthrough to the reality of your change, Build the most effective change solutions and leadership teams to deliver them and Boost you to the new reality by implementing change and walking with you.

While systems and structure will be developed through the methods that Compass Partnership offer, at the core of their work is the development of the social practice and the community of leaders that can think, cope and provide solutions together, which continues to differentiate them as a Management & Thought Consultancy.

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