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the WINNERS OF THE igd awards 2016

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Judging this category, Liz Claydon, Partner, Head of Consumer Markets at KPMG, said:

“Karro Food Group has taken its business from strength to strength over recent years and we would like to recognise the huge results of its turnaround with this award. As a company that was given little chance of success to begin with, it has since become a key player in the pig meat industry through strong, engaging leadership and teamwork.

To undergo such a significant transformation and culture change within such a short timeframe is a great accomplishment for the business. The progress it has made in opening up export markets has been particularly impressive, along with its commitment to innovation and category expertise.”

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Richard Williams, Marketing Director at General Mills and a judge for this award said:

“Molson Coors’ 60 Second Shop concept brought three strands of insight together – consumer, shopper and manufacturer – and was able to apply these insights in an effective way. Including a real-life retailer example in its entry was brilliant, and really helped bring the concept to life.

From the very start, it was clear that Molson Coors understood the problems and objectives it faced, which enabled it to package up an initiative into something that really delivered for the business.”

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Toby Pickard, IGD Senior Retail Analyst, Multichannel, said:

“Remaining relevant and engaging with younger shoppers is increasingly challenging, as they are often operating outside established media channels.

Mondelez impressed the judges with its phenomenally successful Snapchat campaign. The business was willing to take a risk and use an unproven social media channel to create brand ambassadors and raise awareness of its product. The campaign proved hugely successful and smashed its objectives, with millions of people viewing it in just 24 hours.”

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Vanessa Henry, Shopper Insight Manager at IGD, said:

“Unilever did a great job of using ecommerce platforms to turn its Lakeme Fashion Week into something truly innovative and compelling. The company built its technology from the bottom up, which enabled it to put shoppers at the heart of the event.

The judges feel that Unilever’s concept has the potential to be replicated by other companies in the future, making it quite a game-changing and exclusive ecommerce model for the industry.”

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Tamsin Jones, Head of Talent Acquisition at Mars UK, was a judge for this award and commented:

“What impressed the judges about the winning team was the enthusiasm and passion, plus the scale of the impact they are making to the employability agenda given the size of the business. Their focus doesn’t end at creating a positive environment and culture for their own business; they are encouraging engagement with the food industry as a whole.

Marshfield is a champion for building talent by hiring people, not jobs. This gives its employees the opportunity to really shape their own roles into what best suits their skills and strengths.”

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One of the judges, James Mayer, UK Managing Director of Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition, said:

“The team from Bel UK delivered a truly engaging and inspirational presentation, really bringing to life the changes they had made to address employee wellbeing. They demonstrated genuine creativity and passion.

What made it a winning entry for the judges was how embedded the programme appears to be in the day-to-day culture of Bel UK. It was truly multi-faceted, encompassing many different types of activity.”

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Leendert den Hollander, Vice President & General Manager at Coca-Cola European Partners, said:

“What really impressed the judges about this entry was that collaboration was at the heart of it. It was great to see Greencore and The Co-operative working together towards the same goal, solely focused around the shopper.

In the fast growing food-to-go category, it is also essential that companies get the basics right, which is just what these businesses have done; they started with the basics, reviewed the quality of their offering and tailored their ranges.”

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Liz Read, Company Nutritionist at Nestlé, summed up why the judges gave the award to MH Foods:

“MH Foods has really gone above and beyond, presenting to us a simple and effective product that has delivered innovation in healthier cooking. Their entry was clearly structured and well delivered demonstrating an understanding of the needs of their consumers and the challenges they face. They have transformed the category by delivering a unique, patented innovation.

“Not only are the spray oils straightforward, simple and easy to use, but they deliver a clear nutritional benefit, as well as offering a fantastic range of different flavours. The product is already used by many households and MH Foods demonstrated a development plan with huge potential to have a further impact on healthier cooking. MH Foods is our winner because it developed an innovative product, increased its penetration and demonstrated a real understanding of the consumer.”  

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Category judge Angus Maciver, Chief Executive Officer at McCurrah UK ltd, said:

“In a category full of great innovation, 24 from Compass stood out as a concept which genuinely made the judges think, ‘I've not seen that before’. This is a store without staff – not even a checkout operator – where customers select and pay for their items using a fully-fledged self-service system. As a new business and industry concept being rolled out in the UK, poised for international expansion with applications in the high street, 24 is clearly succeeding in its category with a unique offering.

There is a great deal of innovation in this concept, which especially focuses around local, fresh, community and local management autonomy in grocery, a new forecourt concept for food-to-go and excellent supplier engagement. Well done 24 from Compass!”

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David Wilkinson, Human Resources Director, for Premier Foods, was a judge for this award and he commented:

“Kris stood out to us as a winner of the Leading Edge Award with his outstanding delivery, strong drive for results and fantastic vision of what FareShare can become. Having initiated the charity’s FoodCloud programme from scratch only last year, the delivery has so far been highly impressive, with approximately 2,400 UK charities collecting food from Tesco stores. This equates to 1 million meals being redistributed to charity and local community groups.

It’s clear from Kris’ presentation that he had a strong vision of what he wanted to achieve with this project. He demonstrated calmness and high levels of organisation, together with a strong sense of innovation. There has been a significant commercial impact as a result of this programme, with evidence that sustainable growth can be achieved in the future"

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James Tupper, ECR Learning & Change Manager at IGD, said:

“At a time of significant business challenges, The Co-operative set about attempting a step-change in customer service levels across a complex operational backdrop. The Retail and Learning & Development functions worked closely together to address this problem, distilling the essence of customer service and crafting a training solution that was both memorable and engaging. ‘Service Rocks’ was impressive because of its flexibility and adaptability, able to be simply deployed across multiple formats to more than 3,000 stores dispersed across the UK. Over 45,000 colleagues were inspired to put customers first and achieve positive movement across all service-related touchpoints.”  

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Steve Jones, Head of Shopper Insight at IGD, said:

“Kiddylicious is a great example of a business that knows its target market inside out. It has quickly responded to a need of mums and children-on-the-go, and created an innovative and attractive product which appeals to the consumer and the shopper.

It is impressive that a business of its size is available in 22 countries worldwide, and the judges can see that the brand has the potential to last for years to come. Kiddylicious is our winner because it has quickly become a small brand disrupter in the children’s snacks category.”

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Catherine Shuttleworth, Chief Executive Officer at Savvy, said this on the winners:

“By linking with a major film franchise that has a genuine and broad family appeal, Kerry Foods has delivered genuine interest to the cheese snacking category. The campaign demonstrated clear cross-retail execution of a worldwide property, driving incremental value in a flat part of the market and creating real engagement, with tailored activity across different retail partners. The impressive aspect of this campaign was the way in which Kerry took the partnership from the factory to the shelf edge, considering not just the path to purchase for shoppers but the specific requirements of its various retail partners. This clear, planned approach ensured strong implementation and retailer buy-in, helping to make sure shoppers returned regularly back to the category, adding incremental sales.

Retail partners commented on the real passion that was put into the delivery of this activation and the consideration given to differentiated solutions for retailers and their shoppers.”

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Tarun Patel, Director of Supply Chain at IGD, said:

“Collaboration is a key element of any successful business, of which we have seen some fantastic examples in this category, but it was Molson Coors who really edged it with its focus on putting customers at the heart of its decision making in this area.

It is clear with Molson Coors that everything is about collaboration, and that was celebrated through the company’s entry. Whether it be working with customers to significantly transform their supply chain, or collaborating internally to deliver shared value, we can see that by putting people at the centre of the organisation there has been a step-change in performance and delivery of strong results following what has clearly been an immense journey.

Empowering individuals as decision makers in this way has enabled the company to be best in class for its customers, and has highlighted Molson Coors as the clear winner of this category.”

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Darren Smillie, Supply Chain Insight Manager at IGD, said:

“Hubbub skilfully utilises people, technology and existing assets to create an ecommerce supply chain for small local retailers, which is why it is our winner.

Not only does Hubbub’s network have a real community feel to it, but its concept has social value as it helps local shops remain on the high street. Hubbub’s concept isn’t just a supply chain, but an innovative business concept model, giving it the potential to be the next disrupter in online grocery shopping.”

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Charlotte Carroll, Sustainable Business and Communications Director, Unilever UK & Ireland, was a judge for this award and commented:

“Tesco’s excellent use of technology and nationwide reach enables it to support local communities by redistributing surplus food which would otherwise be wasted. The company has made significant progress in embedding sustainability into its business by prioritising food waste, and has proactively engaged its consumers to inspire positive change in this area. We congratulate Tesco on its progress and commitment to tackling avoidable food waste, which as Unilever we wholeheartedly share."

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Timo Boldt, Gousto – winner

Michael Fletcher, Commercial Director, Food Retail, The Co-operative, said:

“The overall standard of entries for this category was extremely high, with all our finalists demonstrating real drive to get through the challenging times facing our industry. Our winner, Timo Boldt, has built a promising business, Gousto, thanks to his determination and the strength of the team he has built. Timo has surrounded himself with a fantastic group of people who really understand the challenges that lie ahead.

In a very short space of time, Timo has developed an excellent business model with a real emphasis on quality food. The judges are certain that Gousto has the potential to become a household brand in years to come.”


Thomas Gosnell, Gosnell’s of London – finalist

Michael Fletcher, Commercial Director, Food Retail, The Co-operative, said:

“Thomas has taken a really innovative, new approach to mead. This is a fantastic reinvention of a traditional product, which could bring additional growth to an important category.”

Laura Faeh and Cécilia Thomas, Poptails – finalists

Michael Fletcher, Commercial Director, Food Retail, The Co-operative, said:

“Poptails by LAPP is a novel, fun product and Laura and Cécilia demonstrated great passion for their work.”

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