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The IGD Sainsbury's Trade Briefing 2017

We are pleased to announce more details of the IGD Sainsbury’s Trade Briefing 2017, which will take place in London at the QEII Conference Centre on Tuesday 13 June.

This event is a great opportunity for current and potential Sainsbury’s suppliers to learn how Mike Coupe and the senior team are ‘Building a brilliant Sainsbury’s’.

The morning plenary will provide a corporate and commercial update on how Sainsbury’s plan to bring this to life from Mike Coupe, CEO and Paul Mills-Hicks, Food Commercial Director, and a strategic perspective from James Walton, IGD’s Chief Economist.  James Brown, Director of Commercial will give an overview of the Sainsbury’s Argos business as well as achievements to date whilst Matt Birch, Director of Commercial Operations will cover the integration between the two as well as customer offers and data. Also, Mark Given, Director of Marketing Communications will discuss ‘Building a distinctive Sainsbury’s brand’.

Confirmed speakers include:

 James Walton 
Mike Coupe
Paul Mills-Hicks
Food Commercial Director 
James Walton
Chief Economist


James Brown
Director of Commercial 
Mark Given
Director of Marketing Communications 
Matt Birch
Director of Commercial Operations 

In the afternoon, there will be key business unit breakouts where Sainsbury’s Directors will share practical, best practice examples of how they are putting the strategy into action, and what they are looking for from suppliers in 2017/18 to help build a brilliant Sainsbury’s.

We’ll conclude our day with topic based break-out sessions, and an opportunity for you to book 1-to-1 meetings with the Sainsbury’s buying team.

It is sure to be a must-attend event for all current and potential Sainsbury’s suppliers.

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