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Webinar: Compelling Conversations: Influence and Persuade

About this webinar

Thursday 8 June 2017: 12.30 BST

Do you want to learn how to get your point across with power and impact so that you can influence conversations and gain “buy in” with customers, colleagues or your manager?

Join us for a practical and interactive webinar with Dexter Moscow, who will take you through the processes and frameworks that have enabled him to sell £millions of products on QVC Shopping Channel, win major contacts with high street retailers, and coach others in the corporate arena to “sell” their ideas and concepts with confidence.

You’ll learn about:

  • The psychology of “selling”: how and why people “buy” anything
  • Insights into how to persuade by tapping into the 6 Principles of Influence.
  • Controlling a conversation with your prospects using the 9 Steps to sales P.O.T.E.N.T.I.A.L  


The presenter

Dexter Moscow

Dexter Moscow

Dexter has gained substantial expertise working and coaching at the highest level in Finance, Property, Advertising, sales, and entertainment industries.

 His associations with Reed International, the Dale Carnegie organisation, The Sandler Sales Institute and live appearances, presenting on QVC The Shopping Channel, informs his unique approach to corporate communication, selling ideas and influencing skills.

 As a keynote speaker and business coach, those working 1-2-1 with him and attending presentations and sales courses have gained heightened communication abilities, new insights and increased confidence in ‘selling’, themselves and their business proposition.

 As Managing Director of Audience Dynamics and a TV personality, Dexter specialises in coaching people to achieve communication excellence and conducts influencing excellence and master influencing excellence seminars.


  • Enabling individuals to stand out from the crowd and gain greater recognition to further their career and promotional prospects.
  • Coaching individuals to attain greater success in business presentations by imbedding confidence building attitudes and tried and tested processes.
  • Working 1-2-1 with executives to elevate their leadership abilities, achieve a more dynamic, influential and motivating personae

Dexter is a Certified Practitioner Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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