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Webinar: Three Ways to Lead Effectively

About this webinar

Wednesday 15 February 2017: 12.30 GMT

Join us for this insightful webinar, presented by Jude Jennison from the inspirational The Leadership Whisperers, to learn three crucial leadership styles that create a cohesive team.

 What can you expect from the session?

  • Learn a simple leadership model that enables you to solve work challenges
  • Understand your own default patterns of behaviour in a team
  • Tips on how to use energy in leadership


The presenter

Jude JennisonJude Jennison from The Leadership Whisperers

Jude Jennison is a thought leader, international speaker, Horse Assisted Educator and author of the book Leadership Beyond Measure. She is co-founder of The Leadership Whisperers, a company helping senior leaders develop embodied leadership skills to lead through uncertainty. Through live events and workshops, Jude partners with horses who provide non-judgmental feedback, enabling clients to identify their leadership behaviours and transform themselves into courageous and hugely influential, non-verbal communicators.

The Leadership Whisperers

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