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Champions of change: how you can make your products healthier

Food and grocery companies are facing growing pressure to make their products healthier.  The big question is, how do you manage this keeping the same delicious taste consumers want whilst making it a business opportunity?

Many large companies have started to reformulate their products with great success and our aim is to share their stories and help inspire and guide other companies, small or large, to do the same.

Join us at one of our FREE pop-up workshops to share your experience, learn from experts, and become a champion of change.


Why join us?

  • Hear how other companies have adapted their products and kept their customers happy
  • Learn from experts on how to overcome common barriers
  • Get advice about your specific challenges
  • Meet new people and build your network
  • Feel good in the knowledge that you’re supporting better public health 

Our Hosts

Waitrose Making your products healthier and just as delicious is the dream scenario as the drive towards health increases. Join us to hear how Waitrose made healthier changes without compromising on taste or quality.
Co-op Health is high on the agenda so now’s the perfect time for you to get involved. We’ll hear how the Co-op is using consumer insights to initiate positive product changes.
Morrisons Keeping your customers happy while making products healthier is crucial. Come and hear how Morrisons embraced this challenge with great success.
Sainsbury's Providing healthier products makes your consumers happy, gives you a marketing advantage and it means you’re playing your part for the health of the nation. We'll hear from Sainsbury’s about the expectations from food companies. 

When and where?

Waitrose Conference Centre Bracknell: Tuesday 16 May 10am - 3pm

The Co-operative, Manchester: Tuesday 6 June 10am - 3pm

Morrisons, Bradford: Thursday 29 June 10am-3pm

Sainsbury's, Holborn: Monday 10 July 9am - 2pm

(more events to be announced shortly)


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This collaborative programme spans the entire food chain and has been co-created by IGD and industry. 

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