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Healthy Eating programme newsletter - issue six

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Welcome to the second Healthy Eating newsletter of 2017, featuring the latest developments from our collaborative industry-wide Healthy Eating programme. 


Be inspired to start making your products healthier at one of our FREE pop-up workshops.
Finding ways to make your products healthier and sometimes even more delicious is the dream scenario.  Your consumers are happy, you have a commercial advantage and you’re playing your part for the health of the nation.

We’re running free pop-up workshops to help you find these opportunities. We would love you to join us, share your experiences and become a champion of change. So why not register to find out more? 

As well as discovering the latest shopper insights on health, you’ll hear from companies that have already made the leap with lots of opportunities to ask your own questions.

  • Tuesday 16 May | Waitrose, Bracknell 
  • Tuesday 6 June | Coop, Manchester
  • Thursday 29 June | Morrison’s, Bradford
  • Monday 10 July | Sainsbury’s, Holborn

An out-of-home special event to be announced shortly.


Read about how other companies have made their food and drink healthier

See how own label manufacturer, Greencore and retailer, Musgrave worked together to reduce the salt and sugar in cooking sauces. 

Check out this inspiring case study and many more 

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Healthy eating in the workplace

Are you in favour of healthy eating in the workplace?
If so, why not take part in world-leading research to establish what works best?
Promoting good health is complicated and sometimes our well-intentioned actions have unexpected results. Although many companies are keen to promote healthy eating at work, they don’t have firm evidence to base their decisions on. 

That’s why IGD has partnered with the Behaviour and Health Research Unit at the University of Cambridge. Together, we’re conducting a giant experiment involving a wide variety of workplaces across the UK.  

If you would like to participate, learn alongside us and help others too, please check your eligibility and register your interest.


Want to know more?

Find out more about the experiment and the benefits of participating here 

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Nutrition information on pack

To help shoppers make healthier choices, we are working with companies to encourage more shoppers to use the nutrition information on food and drink labels. We’re doing this in three ways: 

1. Tackling consumer confusion

 Armed with lots of research, we’ve developed a set of messages to tackle common areas of confusion. These have been developed collaboratively with nutrition and marketing experts and thoroughly tested with consumers. You will be able to help by spreading these messages. We look forward to sharing these with you in the coming months. 

2. Promoting best practice

To help achieve greater consistency of nutrition information on front of pack, we’ve been working with company nutritionists, artwork and packaging experts to produce a best practice guide. We’ll be inviting comments on the first draft this Summer.

In case you missed it…

Discover what motivates shoppers to use the nutrition information on food and drink labels and what the barriers are in using this information.

Download your free copy of our shopper research here

3. Data and technology

To help ensure product data from apps and other online tools is accurate, up-to-date and accessible, we’ve been supporting an initiative called Digital DNA run by GS1- the global ‘not for profit’ organisation that delivers data standards and manages the barcode system. 

This is making rapid progress and you can read more about it here.

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The most prestigious awards in food and grocery are now open for entries. Find out more about the categories and celebrate your success…

  • Health and Wellness Award (for consumer facing activities)
  • Employee Wellbeing Award

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This collaborative programme spans the entire food chain and has been co-created by IGD and industry. Working with and through companies, the programme will aim to encourage healthier eating in the UK. The programme will be formed of three parts: nutrition information on pack, healthy eating in the workplace, and reformulation.