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Healthy Eating programme newsletter - issue three

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Welcome to our third Healthy Eating newsletter, where we update you on the most recent developments of our Healthy Eating programme.



We have now closed our Reformulation Survey which set out to build our understanding of the challenges that the food and drink industry currently faces with regards to healthier reformulation. The findings will inform the type of support we will now develop for businesses.

We were pleased to receive 214 complete responses of which over half were from SMEs. We had a broad range of responses across manufacturers, retailers and out of home providers, all providing invaluable insight into their experience of healthier reformulation.

The survey reminded us that a huge amount of reformulation work has been undertaken and there is even more work underway or in the pipeline.

We will publish a summary of the findings but here are a few headlines:

  • The biggest motivator for reformulation was ‘meeting consumer demands’
  • The top challenges were maintaining the taste and achieving consumer acceptability
  • Over half of respondents were concerned about the risk that reformulation could compromise product quality although that is not stopping many companies from making the attempt

Thank you to everyone who supported us with both the completion and dissemination of the survey.

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Nutrition information on pack

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that this stream of work will address 3 key areas:

  • Investigating how data and technology can best be deployed in future
  • Agreeing how companies can help to tackle the biggest areas of shopper confusion surrounding nutrition info on pack
  • Promoting best practice to encourage greater consistency

To address data and technology, IGD is working with GS1- the global ‘not for profit’ organisation that delivers data standards and manages the barcode system. Together we are working on a feasibility study to assess how best to ensure product data is always accurate, up to date and accessible so shoppers can use it to make informed and healthier choices.

In May, our nutrition strategy group helped us to prioritise the areas of shopper confusion to tackle first and the best opportunities to achieve greater consistency.

We will be concentrating on front of pack information first and are just embarking on some further shopper research, using focus groups, to explore the areas people find confusing in more detail. We will then move on to consider some solutions.

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Healthy eating in the workplace

We are making good progress in collecting data and otherwise preparing for phase 1 of experiments to test which interventions best encourage people to make healthy eating choices in the workplace. We are also planning ahead for future rounds and have secured 10 more companies to participate later.

Our research partner is The University of Cambridge’s Behaviour and Health Research Unit and if you would like to know more about the work they do, watch the video below.

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More information

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This collaborative programme spans the entire food chain and has been co-created by IGD and industry. Working with and through companies, the programme will aim to encourage healthier eating in the UK. The programme will be formed of three parts: nutrition information on pack, healthy eating in the workplace, and reformulation.