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Nutrition, food and farming

IGD sits at the heart of the food and consumer goods industry and has been involved in all parts of the food supply chain for decades. We help to promote best practice in nutrition, food and farming, for example helping the industry to communicate clearly to consumers.

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IGD launches new healthy eating programme

IGD has today unveiled a new healthy eating programme that will commence in 2016. This collaborative programme spans the entire food chain and has been co-created by IGD and industry. Working with and through companies, the programme will...

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Healthier reformulation: the quiet revolution

What do UK shoppers feel about how healthy their diets are, what are the opportunities that reformulation can present and how are we pushing the industry to consider...

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Calculating portions in composite foods

Calculating and communicating fruit and vegetable portions in composite foods

This updated free guide sets out principles for businesses on how to calculate and communicate portions of fruit and vegetables in composite foods....

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Reformulation: a best practice guide


We have published a free best practice guide to reformulation. The guide will help food and drink companies to reformulate their products to improve...

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Portion size and consumption behaviour

Portion size of pre-packaged foods and drink and consumption behaviour

A free report by IGD's Industry Nutrition Strategy Group (INSG) summarising the existing evidence for portion size and consumption behaviour...

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Land for food production

Overall, relatively little new land has been brought into agriculture in recent decades. While substantial additional land could in principle be suitable...

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The Common Agri Policy

Read this factsheet to find out about the history of The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the MacSharry reforms, Agenda 2000 and a future CAP.

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Fresh produce in the UK

There are 1,800 commercial horticultural businesses in the UK. This factsheet includes trends in planted area productivity, the industry's performance...

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Articles and more

  • Why Produce World sponsored Nottingham food science summer school

    05 November 2014

    Food science summer schools are designed to give young people an insight into the food industry, the variety of jobs on offer especially in areas like product technology, safety, quality and product development and the career opportunities available. The summer schools have been set up to address the...

  • Sugars

    22 May 2014

    Sugars play a vital role in our diets as a source of energy. How much we should be eating? Are some better than others? This factsheet aims to answer those questions.

  • Success for food science summer school at Leeds University

    28 April 2014

    There is currently a shortage of scientists studying food science and going on to use their skills and knowledge in the food industry. Food science summer schools are a way to make students aware of the variety of exciting careers and opportunities food science can offer.

  • Consumers' attitudes to new and emerging food technologies

    22 January 2014

    A free report into UK shoppers’ attitudes towards new and emerging technologies, when they are applied to food to deliver a health benefit.

  • The next generation: Inspiring careers in the food industry

    05 December 2013

    IGD’s Technical Leadership Forum (TLF) has been supporting and sponsoring the Food Science summer school programme for three years at Nottingham University and Reading University. Hannah Pearse, nutrition and scientific affairs executive spoke to Emile Ayers, studying at University of Nottingham, about...

  • Carrot or stick? How to achieve a sustainable diet

    12 November 2013

    Our sustainability analyst, Toby Pickard looks at shopper attitudes towards achieving a sustainable diet, the challenges surrounding this and the implications for the food and consumer goods industry.

  • Sustainable diets: Helping shoppers

    01 November 2013

    A free report into UK shoppers attitudes and motivations to adopting a more environmentally sustainable and healthy diet.

  • Reformulation: Small changes to make a big difference

    09 September 2013

    Reformulation - what is it and why is it important? Hannah Pearse, our nutrition and scientific affairs manager talks about the health issues that are affecting the UK population and why food companies of all sizes should invest in reformulating their products to make them healthier.

  • Reformulation: a best practice guide

    02 September 2013

    We have published a free best practice guide to reformulation. The guide will help food and drink companies to reformulate their products to improve their nutritional content. This easy to use interactive guide includes downloadable tools, case studies and the latest information on nutrition policies.

  • Obesity

    26 July 2013

    Over-consumption of food has led to an obesity epidemic across many Western markets having a huge impact on human health. This factsheet explains what obesity is and why it is such a serious issue.

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This collaborative programme spans the entire food chain and has been co-created by IGD and industry. Working with and through companies, the programme will aim to encourage healthier eating in the UK. The programme will be formed of three parts: nutrition information on pack, healthy eating in the workplace, and reformulation.

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