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Calculating and communicating fruit and vegetable portions in composite foods

An updated free guide to helping you calculate and communicate fruit and vegetable portions in composite foods

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Last updated April 2014

Includes information on:

  • Calculating portions from different formats of fruit and vegetables
  • Principles for declaring fruit and vegetable portions on composite foods
  • Fruit and vegetable portion sizes for adults

IGD’s Industry Nutrition Strategy Group developed this best practice guide in order to promote consistency in the way in which labelled fruit and vegetable content of composite foods is calculated, and to provide criteria that should be met in order for fruit and vegetable portions to be declared.

Since the guide was published in 2011 there have been changes in EU regulation and government recommendations. In light of these changes a working group has been reconvened to review the guide and have made several changes including:

  • Amended nutrition criteria to declare portions of fruit and vegetables
  • Removal of criteria for children’s fruit and vegetable portions
  • Changes to the minimum amount needed to label fruit and vegetable content
  • New case studies

If you have been using the original guide be sure to note these changes.

The report will be of interest to nutritionists and those working in product development, product design, regulatory affairs, communications and marketing. A working group report on the development of the guide is available for those requiring more detailed information here.

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