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Consumers' attitudes to new and emerging food technologies

Here is a report about consumer attitudes to new and emerging food technologies, free to download

About this article

A free report on consumer attitudes to new and emerging food technologies

Includes information on:

  • Consumers’ attitudes to the application of new technologies to food with a health benefit
  • Consumers’ attitudes and understanding of GM and nano-technology
  • Who consumers feel should be responsible for deciding how science is used in food
  • Recommendations for effective consumer communication in the future

About this report

IGD has been looking at ways to help food businesses better engage with consumers about the application of technologies to foods. This report reveals the findings from IGD ShopperVista research on how consumers react when technologies are applied to foods to deliver a benefit. It also explores consumers’ levels of interest and desired engagement in how science is applied to foods.

Top line findings from our report:

  • Advances in science and technology help to drive innovation in food production and processing and can deliver benefits for both consumers and the environment
  • While consumers are generally more accepting of food science they are also more cautious in trusting its application
  • While consumers have a high awareness of genetic modification, opinions are varied with regards to the use of GM ingredients
  • Far fewer consumers consider they have a good understanding of nanotechnology, but many want to find out more
  • Based on these findings we make recommendations for effective consumer communication in the future

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Food and technology

Food and technology

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