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Online guides and free downloads

  • Best Practice Guidance on the Presentation of Guideline Daily Amounts

    01 June 2005

    A free guide providing guidance on the best way to present Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) on the back of pack following the recommendations made from in depth consumer research.

  • Best practice guide to communicating to consumers about a healthy balanced diet

    06 October 2010

    This free guide is designed to help food businesses give healthy eating messages to consumers that are relevant, appropriate and consistent with government messages.

  • Best practice guide to communicating to consumers about manufactured foods

    07 September 2012

    IGD’s Industry Nutrition Strategy Group explored consumer and healthcare professionals’ perceptions of manufactured foods to determine the extent to which these reflect their true nature and nutritional properties. Qualitative consumer research and a survey of 224 healthcare professionals were carried...

  • Calculating and communicating fruit and vegetable portions in composite foods

    07 April 2014

    This updated free guide sets out principles for businesses on how to calculate and communicate portions of fruit and vegetables in composite foods. It will be of interest to nutritionists and those working in product development, product design, regulatory affairs, communications and marketing.

  • Connecting Consumers with Farming and Farm Produce

    27 August 2005

    Find out what consumers think about british food with this free report examining the perceived disconnection between English consumers and British farming/farm produce. The results provide unique opportunities for some retailers and foodservice operators to set themselves apart and deliver what shoppers...

  • Consumers' attitudes to new and emerging food technologies

    22 January 2014

    A free report into UK shoppers’ attitudes towards new and emerging technologies, when they are applied to food to deliver a health benefit.

  • Distribution Advice for Regional Food & Drink Producers

    05 October 2004

    A free guide to distribution designed to help regional food and drink producers find innovative and cost effective routes to market, this guide highlights the distribution options available to small producers, shows case studies to help overcome distribution barriers, and includes a 'jargon busting'...

  • Environmental Impact of Nutrition Guidance: A Preliminary Study

    25 November 2008

    A free guide studying the relationship between nutrition objectives and environmental sustainability

  • Farmers' Skills

    02 March 2009

    Developed as part of the 'Year of Food and Farming', this free research looks into how and why people become farmers, the training and skills needed, and the increasing need for skilled workers in the farming industry.

  • Fresh Lamb - A Local Opportunity

    03 July 2009

    Understanding consumers is essential for farmers. This free guide for lamb producers & sheep farmers features the latest consumer information, including information on lamb sales, market segmentation of different cuts of lamb and where and why shopper purchase lamb products.

Fact sheets and case studies

  • Adding value to runner beans

    26 November 2009

    Thanks to research from IGD and dunnhumby, Paul Southall is now on the right value-added path with pre-packed runner beans

  • Additives in food

    20 December 2012

    Additives are ingredients added in tiny amounts during the processing of some food and drink. This factsheet includes information on E numbers, natural and artificial additives, sweeteners and the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of additives.

  • Balanced diet

    19 January 2007

    What makes a balanced diet? This free IGD factsheet provides information and statistics on the essential nutrients the body needs to be healthy and maintain a sensible body weight.

  • Cereals

    24 September 2008

    This factsheet examines recent trends in cereal farming, looking at prices, usage and industry performance.

  • Changing global diets

    26 July 2013

    Global diets are changing. The demand for food is expected to continue to grow as a result both of population growth and rising incomes. Find out what these changes are and where the major changes are happening in the world...

  • Consumer research helps cheese producer suggest promotional activity to supermarket customer

    26 November 2009

  • CSM uses cutting edge technology to halve the saturated fat in their donuts

    16 November 2012

    CSM is the largest supplier of bakery products, employing 9,900 people across 28 countries. In this case study read how they have used cutting edge technology to halve the saturated fat in their donuts.

  • Current and future protein sources

    26 July 2013

    With a rising population and an increasing demand for higher quality (typically animal) protein, this factsheet looks at current protein intakes and possible future sources.

  • Dairy

    22 December 2011

    Information on dairy production in the UK, including sales data, the size of the UK dairy herd and the performance of the dairy industry.

  • Energy density

    16 September 2011

    What is energy density? This factsheet includes information on what energy density is and why it is so important.

Articles and more

  • 13 for ’13: How can we re-energise the food and consumer goods industry?

    To inch our way out of the downturn, we’re going to have to help make it happen, getting behind the trends to re-energise shoppers, businesses and the industry as a whole. Here, the IGD team share how they think this can happen.

  • A healthy, balanced diet

    13 October 2011

    Rachel Hackett reviews some of the recent work by IGD's Industry Nutrition Strategy Group in the area of diet, health nutrition.

  • Agriculture at the frontier

    10 June 2010

    Agriculture is not often thought of as an industry at the forefront of scientific advancement, however this view downplays the role of research and its contribution to improving agricultural productivity. Peter Whitehead highlights some key areas of potential for future development.

  • Agriculture in transition

    16 April 2010

    Farmers all over the world are having to face up to climate change and its implication on their businesses. Here, Peter Whitehead examines some of the initiatives to help agriculture become greener.

  • A-Z of industry developments

    13 December 2012

    From Apps to Zoning, we’ve brought together the A-Z of developments in the FMCG industry in 2012 and we pick a few trends we’ll see more of in 2013.

  • Carrot or stick? How to achieve a sustainable diet

    12 November 2013

    Our sustainability analyst, Toby Pickard looks at shopper attitudes towards achieving a sustainable diet, the challenges surrounding this and the implications for the food and consumer goods industry.

  • Communicating a healthy balanced diet

    09 December 2010

    Rachel Hackett explains the background to IGD's new free best practice guide to communicating to consumers about a healthy balanced diet

  • Communicating to consumers about manufactured foods

    05 November 2012

    IGD’s Hannah Pearse examines perceptions about manufactured foods based on our recent research with consumers and healthcare professionals and explains how better communication could improve consumer understanding.

  • Consumer understanding of sugars

    11 November 2010

    Sugars play a vital in role our diets as a source of energy and occur naturally in many foods, including fruit, vegetables and dairy products. They are also regularly added to some processed foods. Various public health campaigns have targeted sugar reduction as way of tackling obesity so the IGD Nutrition...

  • Eating out: The changing environment

    05 April 2013

    With nearly 100% of pre-packed food and drink displaying nutrition information in the UK, it is now possible to make informed choices about the foods we buy and eat in the home. However, one in six meals is now eaten outside of the home and until recently it would have been impossible to make the same...

IGD's Healthy Eating programme has been co-created by industry and IGD and consists of three parts:

  1. Nutrition information on pack
  2. Healthy eating in the workplace
  3. Reformulation

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Nutrition Glossary

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