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Food-to-go across the world

As food-to-go evolves and demand increases, here are five examples of the best concepts from across the world

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    07 May 2015
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We look at some best-in-class examples of how food-to-go retailers are innovating to bring improved quality, sophistication and service to the channel.

Cities such as London and New York are leading the developments and grocery retailers are also developing food-to-go as a key category within convenience and urban supermarket stores.

Here are some of our favourite examples of food-to-go concepts from across the globe:

1. Vanguard supermarket and Vango, Hong Kong

What’s special: Hot and cold lunchtime options prepared freshly in-store are a stand out feature – from salads and sandwiches to soups and hot meals.

Why visit: Hong Kong is China Resources Enterprises domestic market, where it frequently trials its latest initiatives and format developments.

Vanguard Hong Kong

2. Tesco’s Fred Food Construction, London

Tesco's Fred Food London

What’s special: The in-store and online ordering service allows workers to make the most of their lunchtimes. Order online and get your lunch delivered or ready for collection.

Why visit: Based on a New York-style deli, the store sells more than 100 different types of sandwiches, sushi and soups.

3. Kings, New Jersey, USA

Kings New Jersey

What’s special: Kings differentiates itself with a grain and mezze bar as part of its salad offering - especially appropriate as grain-based diets are increasing in popularity in the US.

Why visit: A large range of options are available, including customised sandwiches, a hot soup and food bar, in-store baked pizza, hibachi and sushi, olive bar and salad and meal solutions at the deli.

4. Nations Fresh Foods, Hamilton, Canada

Nations Fresh Foods Hamilton

What’s special: Nations Fresh Food’s broad range of foodservice options acts as a key differentiator. Around 4,000 meals are served daily from its shopping mall location – impressive considering the amount of food court competition.

Why visit: The extensive list of food options includes a bubble tea and coffee bar, Chinese BBQ, dim sum and Mandarin hot food. A prepared food offering is delivered by a dedicated executive chef, supported by a team of over 100 people. 

5. Casa do Pão de Queijo, São Paulo, Brazil

Casa do Pao de Queijo, Sao Paulo

What’s special: With outlets across Brazil, Casa do Pão de Queijo is a national institution dedicated to the traditional cheesy bread bun or ‘pão de queijo.’ As well as food-to-go and eat-in options, some outlets even offer delivery to your home or office.

Why visit: You can’t go to Brazil without trying pão de queijo − it’s a popular breakfast dish, and snack throughout the day. Casa do Pão de Queijo also offers a variety of sweet bakery, sandwiches, meal deals and drinks.


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