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We’re talking to shoppers every day. We provide a barometer of what shoppers are thinking and what they plan to do in the future. We can help with insights and implications so you know what it means for you.

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Category Management and Shopper Marketing Summit

Category Management and Shopper Marketing Summit 2017

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Targeting the food-to-go shopper

See how food-to-go shoppers in London differ from shoppers across the rest of Britain.

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Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge of how the world’s best online retailers are using technology...

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British shoppers snapshot

Check out our new monthly infographic to find out the latest on British...

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Connected shoppers

As more and more shoppers use mobile devices, traditional research techniques...

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More shopper insight

  • Infographic: targeting the food-to-go shopper

    22 November 2016

    See how food-to-go shoppers in London differ from shoppers across the rest of Britain.

  • How shoppers decide where to buy food-to-go

    18 November 2016

    Our ShopperVista research shows that 88% of food-to-go shoppers are happy with their experience when buying food-to-go. But how do they choose where to complete a food-to-go mission? IGD shopper insight manager Rhian Thomas explores some of the factors affecting their decision.

  • British shoppers snapshot: October 2016

    26 October 2016

    Check out our new monthly infographic to find out the latest on British grocery shoppers.

  • What drives food-to-go shoppers to your store format?

    29 September 2016

    IGD Shopper Insight Manager Rhian Thomas looks at the latest FTG research and where the opportunities lie.

  • Making the most of food-to-go missions

    09 August 2016

    Our recently released food-to-go market forecasts predict that by 2021 the market will be worth £21.7bn compared to £15.1bn in 2015. This significant growth not only makes it a market with significant opportunities, but also reflects the changing way in which shoppers shop for, and consume, food and...

  • Connected shoppers: what’s the research opportunity?

    13 July 2016

    As more and more shoppers use mobile devices, traditional research techniques are evolving to exploit the rich depth of data this technology can provide. In this short article, IGD Shopper Insight Manager Vanessa Henry looks at the opportunities that technological advancement can present for researchers.

  • Competitions: are they a win win for shoppers?

    22 June 2016

    At a time when some retailers are moving away from certain promotional mechanics, do competitions provide an alternative way to entice and excite shoppers? Shopper Insight Manager Rhian Thomas investigates.

  • Supporting independents through category leadership

    17 May 2016

    How can suppliers communicate with and help the 33,000 symbols and independents across the UK? Category Insight Manager Simon Attfield gives his top four tips to providing category management support for independent stores.

  • Opportunities in online retail

    20 April 2016

    Our latest ShopperVista Channel Focus Online shopping trends 2016 report looks at the opinions of British shoppers using online grocery shops during the past month, and compares them to similar periods across previous years and months. Check out our latest infographic highlighting what shoppers have...

  • Winning the fight for the top-up shoppers' pound

    12 April 2016

    Many of us have experienced how the way we shop has changed in response to our busy lives. But what are today’s convenience retailers doing to ensure they are competing against all of the other channels for our custom?

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Successful Shopper Activation

Workshop: Successful Shopper Activation

Using the most recent research and illustrated through industry case studies, this one day course provides the key principles and proven techniques you need to successfully activate your plans with shoppers.

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ShopperVista is IGD’s online shopper insight subscription service...a complete monthly analysis of grocery shopper sentiment.

Channel Focus is a subscription service from ShopperVista, designed to give you detailed understanding of shopper attitudes in four high-growth channels:

  • convenience
  • online
  • discount
  • food-to-go

Successful Shopper Understanding 

Based on exclusive IGD research and complemented by proven methods, attendees leave this workshop with both practical knowledge and the tools to apply it.