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How shoppers decide where to buy food-to-go

How can you create a great in-store experience for food-to-go shoppers?

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Our ShopperVista research shows that 88% of food-to-go shoppers are happy with their experience when buying food-to-go. But how do they choose where to complete a food-to-go mission? IGD shopper insight manager Rhian Thomas explores some of the factors affecting their decision.


When do they buy food-to-go?

Although many shoppers are only buying food-to-go, that’s not always the case. A significant proportion also complete another mission at the same time. A quarter of those who bought breakfast to go bought it as part of a top-up shop while it was part of a main shop for others.


Can you help shoppers complete multiple missions at the same time?

Source: IGD ShopperVista: Base: 1124 GB  Food-to-go Shoppers July- Sept ‘16 

What do shoppers look for in-store?

Service is extremely important. The majority (92%) are looking for a quick and efficient experience with shoppers indicating that a wait of just over three minutes on average is acceptable. Shoppers’ satisfaction with speed of service is high, at 83% on average across all food-to-go stores. Are there opportunities to delight shoppers with your service offer by surpassing their expectations?

Over a third of shoppers say the quality of the food is the main driver of store choice. This is true of most shopper groups, except for those aged 34 and under – they are most interested in getting the best price.

Do you know who your target food-to-go shopper is and what is most important to them?

Source: IGD ShopperVista: Base: 1124 GB  Food-to-go Shoppers July- Sept ‘16 

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