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Developing supply chain talent

Start and develop your career in the food & grocery supply chain

  • Advice on why you should choose the supply chain as a career
  • The key competencies for success within supply chain roles
  • Case studies showing how businesses including L'Oreal, Mars and Heinz develop their supply chain people
  • Hints and tips on making great supply chain job applications

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Last updated December 2012

Millions of items get scanned through retailers till every second in the UK. Have you ever thought about how these products become available to you? It’s a hugely complex operation, with talented people at its heart. From the field to the shelf; that's what the supply chain is all about.

Over three million people work in food and grocery in the UK - an industry worth over £160 billion - and the supply chain offers a fantastic range and diversity of roles; positions in which people can make a real difference. Individuals working in supply chain gain strong business skills, understanding wider business issues and challenges. Supply chain excellence drives competitive advantage, it creates value, sales and profit.

In short, the more talented people we have in the supply chain, the more success for the industry.


Why a career in supply chain?

Roles in supply chain



1. About this Output
This section outlines why this guide was produced and how it can help your business as well as acknowledging who was involved in its production. 

2. Key competencies for success
We've identified essential skills that every supply chain professional would need to demonstrate on their route to success, including analysis, numeracy, communication and business awareness. 

3. Developing your supply chain people
How can you develop your supply chain team? This downloadable matrix offers guidance and inspiration to develop yourself or members of your team. 

4. Job Swaps NEW CASE STUDY!
Job Swaps - where companies effectively swap employees for a period of time - are becoming more popular, and can deliver both commercial benefits and personal development for those involved. Find out all about job swaps and see how it worked for Tesco and Coca-Cola Enterprises and Unilever and Sainsbury's. 

5. The supply chain talent pool
People are all different. Here we explain the need to understand and appeal to the different generations in the workplace.

6. Making great supply chain job applications
A number of resources to help individuals successfully navigate the recruitment process and make you great supply chain applicants.

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