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About ECR Europe

We are a member of ECR Europe. Along with many of ECR national organisations we work closely with ECR Europe.

Every year ECR Europe organises projects where companies from all over Europe explore new areas of working together. The results of these projects are published for a wide audience through publications and the annual ECR Europe conference which attracts thousands of (top) managers from all over the world.

We contribute to ECR Europe through participation in key groups:

  • ECR Europe Board of Directors
  • ECR Europe Operating Board
  • ECR Europe National Initiatives Forum
  • ECR Europe Supply Chain Committee
  • ECR Europe Consumer/shopper committee

We also play an active role at the ECR Europe Conference and last year led breakout sessions on supply chain waste and the online shopper that received some of the highest feedback scores from the event.

Visit to learn more about initiatives and member countries.

Tools and resources

Free online and downloadable guides from ECR UK on areas including on-shelf availabilty, packaging and waste and sustainable distribution. 

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of ECR UK or becoming involved please contact us as