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IGD’s ECR UK Reducing Wasted Miles workgroup aims to inspire our industry to collaborate strategically to reduce wasted miles. We do this by:

  1. Acting as a catalyst to bring together and support collaborative initiatives
  2. Sharing best practice to help companies be more effective here and now
  3. Promoting thought leadership to give inspiration and a view to the future
  4. Providing evidence for change through case studies and results from pilots

Free report: Reducing wasted miles

The Destination
We have developed a thought leadership paper for the industry focused on reducing wasted miles – The Destination – outlining the need for change, the vision for the future and the 'five to drive' solution areas. Please click here and follow the instructions to download your free copy and use this to develop your strategy for the next ten years.

Please click on our five to drive solutions below to find out more, including case studies, hints & tips and practical tools:

Five to drive solutions