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What is ECR UK?

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ECR UK is where the industry meets to develop leadership initiatives on the biggest issues affecting the food and grocery supply chain. Its origins are in the USA back in 1993, and the UK initiative was formed in 1996, arriving in a market that was characterised by confrontational working relationships.

Fulfilling consumer wishes better, faster and at less cost in a more sustainable way.

As well as a focus on consumers, ECR breaks down barriers between trading partners and internal business functions; barriers that stop an organisation working effectively.

ECR UK provides industry leadership, education and guidance on key issues. In many cases the most contentious issues can affect the whole industry and cannot be resolved independently by either the supplier or retailer.

Over 4,000 people from across 40 countries have benefited from the best practice developed by ECR UK.

Projects for 2016

Product and Packaging Waste
Helping the industry to develop best practice in reducing waste in the supply chain. Find out more here  > and here >

Reducing Wasted Miles
Inspire the industry to collaborate to reduce empty miles and develop thought leadership on what the future logistics flow should look like.

Developing Supply Chain Talent
Promoting the FMCG supply chain as a great career

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Tools and resources

Free online and downloadable guides from ECR UK on areas including on-shelf availabilty, packaging and waste and sustainable distribution. 

Reducing wasted miles

We have delivered part 1 of our research into reducing wasted miles – The Destination – outlining the need for change, the vision for the future and the 'five to drive' solution areas. Please click below and follow the instructions to download your free copy and use this to develop your strategy for the next ten years.

Waste Prevention guide

Learn how to eliminate waste or redistribute surplus from your business with this free resource from ECR UK.

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of ECR UK or becoming involved please contact us as