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Industry collaborates on supply chain waste

IGD eliminates 260,000 tonnes of product and packaging waste

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IGD’s collaborative Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) UK Initiative has eliminated 260,000 tonnes of product and packaging waste from the UK supply chain over the last five years.

The programme was initiated in 2009, when the ECR UK Board established a Product & Packaging Waste Workgroup and a five-year target to eliminate 200,000 tonnes of waste from the supply chain. The initiative had a twofold aim:

  • To encourage manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to address waste together through collaborative efforts between factory in-gate and retail checkout
  • Preventing waste at source rather than recycling, recovering or disposing of it

Through a ground-breaking collaborative effort, 42 retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and foodservice companies from across the supply chain have pulled together over the last five years and made hundreds of changes to the way they work, sharing widely their learnings through the case studies on

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