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Speaker Q&A: Tony Mitchell, Tesco


Ahead of IGD’s Supply Chain Summit, we have been talking to some of the speakers to understand how they’ve reached the top of their profession and what hints and tips they have to succeed in today’s supply chain environment.

First to provide his pearls of wisdom is Tony Mitchell, Supply Chain Operations Director at Tesco.

Q. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your career?

I’ve had many influences on my career across my 37 years at Tesco and have been very fortunate to work for many really good leaders so difficult to pick out one.

Probably the experience I enjoyed the most in recent years was working with Wendy Manning from Coca-Cola Enterprises as we developed and implemented our talent exchange programme. Working with Wendy gave me a whole new perspective on leading teams, a lot of which I have put into practice back at Tesco.

Q. What are your top three tips for success in today’s supply chain?

  1. Recruit and develop great talent
  2. The supply chain is complex and fast moving and having highly trained well educated people is a necessity if you are to stay in front.

  3. Develop great partnerships with your suppliers and logistics partners
  4. An efficient and cost effective supply chain is a competitive advantage in today’s retail environment

  5. Harness technology and great data or you will get left behind

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