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Change lives, be a manager

Do you know what impact you have on your team? And is it life changing?

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Who has inspired you in your life? Many of us can cite a teacher, or a friend, who we totally ’got‘ and who totally ’got‘ us. They believed in us and there was a magical spark that ignited a change within us that shifted something fundamental.

Not many of us can cite a manager who has done the same. But for those who can, it’s life changing stuff.

Want to make this kind of difference to others? With 24% of us looking for another job (source: CIPD), as managers we need to!

Research by Gallup shows that we are 30 times more likely to make others at work actively engaged when we focus on their strengths. Encouragement of others is a vital behaviour in positive expectation. When was the last time that you looked at the people in your team and totally saw the best in them, when they couldn’t see it in themselves?

The insight and confidence that we can give to others in every interaction is a huge and powerful gift.

Much of the time we spend our days so preoccupied with our to do lists and ourselves that we forget that we have the human ability to make a life and career changing impact on others.

2016 CIPD research also reports that…

  • Employees who rate their managers as selfish are more likely to be dissatisfied with their job (44%) and are less likely to be motivated by the organisation’s core purpose (41%) compared with those employees who don’t
  • Motivated, satisfied employees cite the quality of relationship with their manager as a key reason

Do you know what impact you have on your team and is it life changing?

Join Courageous Success for an evening masterclass on conscious management in January 2017 and find out how to inspire, manage and lead.

At the Conscious Management: Inspire, Manage and Lead masterclass, learn how to:

  • Develop a personal, values-based management statement
  • Take emotional responsibility as a manger
  • Appreciate the strengths and values of others
  • Establish great management routines and rituals
  • Create your management emotional climate
  • Explore gates – what stops managers trusting their team
  • Identify a strengths matrix for you and your team

Taking place across the UK from 17th January – 2nd February.

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