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Category Management in Online Retailing
21 February
In this one-day workshop, you'll discover the key opportunities of online retailing and how to activate them as part of your overall category strategy.   



Successful Shopper Understanding
10 April
Understand your shopper, their needs and behaviours, and how they impact on commercial decision-making through this practical and interactive one-day workshop. Find out more


Successful Shopper Activation
11 April
Using the most recent research and illustrated through industry case studies, this one day course provides the key principles and proven techniques you need to successfully activate your plans with shoppers. Find out more

Book on both our shopper series workshops and save! Find out more

Successful Category Management
14-15 February, 4-5 April, 7-8 June
The perfect introduction to the tools, processes and methodology required to deliver growth opportunities through adopting category management. Find out more


Advanced Category Management
25-26 January (sold out!), 7-8 March, 3-4 May
Learn to build a strategic plan with our unique simulation model. Test your decisions and assess their chances of success. Find out more


Category Leadership
9-10 May
Learn how to move a buyer's focus away from price and promotions, along with key activities to drive incremental value and category growth.  Find out more


Turning Data into Insight
24 January, 16 March
An interactive one day workshop which takes you through the end-to-end process from identifying the information you need, through to delivering actionable insights.
Find out more


Free Masterclasses

Conscious Management: Inspire, manage and lead
Dates in January and February, nationwide
Management that inspires: An evening masterclass in how to lead from the front — and inspire your team to come with you. 
Find out more

Webinar: Three Ways to Lead Effectively
15 February, 12:30pm GMT
Join us for this insightful webinar to learn three crucial leadership styles that create a cohesive team. Find out more



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