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Recent articles

  • What makes a great category manager

    With nine out of ten retailers saying they work with more than one supplier in terms of category management, a supplier’s front line category managers need to be more compelling than their competitors to get their proposals away.

  • Training the insights professional

    Drawing on results from IGD’s capability, development and progression report, we look at the key skills an insights professional should have and why it’s important that they are truly valued and continually developed by employers.

  • Selecting the right data to look at

    With more sources of data available to today’s market analysts than ever before, insights should be much more robust. IGD category insight manager Simon Attfield provides three checks that can help when trying to select the right data.

  • Five simple lessons on price

    IGD’s chief economist James Walton gives us five quick lessons on pricing; how it is set, what can affect it and the unseen factors.

  • The needs of the experienced category manager

    Building a training plan for someone just starting out is usually straightforward but what about those who have been working in the function for longer? Our 2015 research on category management within suppliers revealed how professionals with more than six years’ experience rated their own capability.

  • How to make the most of your category management resource

    Discover how to overcome resource challenges and create effective category plans through careful prioritisation, clever planning and teamwork.

  • Building better category relationships

    In category management we often talk about partnerships; we take a closer look from an international perspective at category relationships between suppliers and retailers.

  • Five ways to improve customer engagement

    The number one retailer priority in this year’s IGD Trading Relationship survey was price and promotion, the highest we’ve seen. Here are five areas which will enable suppliers to improve their trading relationships.

  • Three building blocks to the best insight

    How can you distil data and turn it into meaningful, actionable insights to help your business work smarter, quicker and more effectively? Simon Attfield, Category Insight Manager at IGD, explains.

  • What makes a successful category manager?

    Understand the role of a category manager, the skills and capabilities you will need, and some quick tips for success.

  • A day in the life of a senior category manager

    Will Pritchard of Dairy Crest, talks us through what it’s like to be a category manager, how he got to where he is today and what he’s learnt along the way.

  • Driving competitive advantage through category leadership

    What is category leadership and why is it so important? Graham Dorrington, Commercial Capability Manager at IGD, explains how it can help your business differentiate itself from your competitors to give you a competitive advantage.

  • Category management glossary

    Understand category management jargon with this comprehensive list of definitions for key category management words, terms & phrases.

  • Do you have what it takes to be a category leader?

    Graham Dorrington knows what it is to be a category leader in food and grocery – he’s spent his whole career in the industry. As a trainer for IGD’s Academy workshops, he explains why it’s all about “putting yourself in the retailers’ shoes”.

  • Category management skills: the next level

    Through our research, we have identified a number of positive trends, which reinforce category management as an increasingly important business process in these austere and economically uncertain times. Ian Walters tells us about some new help from IGD to take your skills to the next level.



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