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  • Three tips: getting more from your data analysis

    Do you know how to get the answers you’re looking for from your data? Category Insight Manager Simon Attfield gives three tips for getting the most out of the information already at your fingertips.

  • Business planning kick off

    We’ll be well into the business planning cycle for 2017 before we know it. Are you ready? Watch our short webinar with IGD's Philippa South to hear our top tips for building a robust plan.

  • How to be a successful account manager

    IGD Commercial Capability Manager Philippa South introduces the role of an account manager, the skills and capabilities you will need, and some quick tips for success.

  • Don’t let Christmas mean commercial stress

    The final month of the year for those in FMCG can feel like a very different place to those in other industries. Some of you may have friends and colleagues in different areas that are now looking forward to winding down towards Christmas, whereas you are feeling busier and more stressed than you have...

  • Dream jobs: account manager

    Perhaps you’re thinking of moving into account management, or have just secured your first job in this important industry function. However you begin your journey, this short article will help you understand the key things you can expect to take charge of.

  • Effective commercial managers: skills and behaviours

    According to our 2015 Customer Engagement Survey, retailers told us they are looking for their suppliers’ customer managers to be both highly skilled AND empowered. We look at how you can improve your business relationships by developing your individual skills.

  • Joint business plans part two: building your plan

    In the follow-up to our article exploring the importance of relationships in delivering JBP success, we share our three-stage process that will help you plan effectively.

  • Joint business plans part one: relationships

    If you fail to consider your customer or supplier early enough in the process, you're likely to come away with mismatched objectives and a JBP that doesn't deliver.

  • How to win with your buyer - part three

    Welcome to the final article in the series from our commercial capability trainer Graham Dorrington. Reflecting on the findings of our annual customer engagement research programme Graham has been looking at what is impacting the account manager’s role now and in the future.

  • How to win with your buyer - part two

    Reflecting on the findings of our annual customer engagement research programme we look at what is impacting the account manager’s role now and in the future. This time we look at ‘Developing Compelling Category Based Commercial Propositions’.

  • How to win with your buyer - part one

    Reflecting on the findings of our annual customer engagement research programme I looked at what is impacting the account manager’s role now and in the future. This article shares insights gained from my experience in a customer facing role and day-to-day exposure to supplier and retailer challenges....

  • Financial management for account managers

    Account managers have to deliver much more than budgeted sales and profits. That's why IGD has developed a new one-day workshop designed to help suppliers’ commercial teams develop new skill sets in understanding a company’s financial performance and how this can be related back to their role.

  • Six key messages from our 2014 trading relationships survey

    2014 is the eleventh year of IGD’s annual trading relationship survey. This is compiled with help and feedback from senior executives of both retailers and suppliers around the world. Here are the six key messages from the survey ...

  • Top five capabilities to kick off 2014

    So what do we feel are going to be the top five capabilities for FMCG companies this year? Ian Walters has been looking at our research from last year and highlights those that were important within the food and consumer goods industry.

  • Are your commercial and supply chain teams aligned for 2014?

    Anne Bordier, Director of the Academy at IGD, has spent the past ten years talking to retailers and suppliers about the state of play in trading relationships. She explains why despite continuing to be an important priority, there is still an area of disconnect between retailers’ expectations and manufacturers’...

  • Top tips for successful account management

    In the current climate there’s a lot resting on the shoulders of account managers who operate in any industry, not just food and consumer goods.As an account manager, what does it mean for you now and in the future?

  • Six trends that emerged from our 2013 customer engagement survey

    Download our free PDF of the six trends that emerged from our 2013 customer engagement survey.

  • Six priorities for food and grocery businesses

    Senior executives from 130 major consumer goods companies worldwide took part in our 2013 customer engagement survey, which tracks the state of trading relationships. In this video, Ian Walters discusses three of the major priorities identified by consumer goods manufacturers and retailers for the next...

  • Getting the best from your trading relationships

    As IGD examines the findings of its ninth annual customer engagement survey, Ian Walters, who manages the survey, explains why benchmarking your trading relationships is important and why filling gaps in your team’s capabilities can give your company that competitive edge...

  • Maximising the impact of trading relationships

    Retail is under pressure across Europe – static wages, widespread unemployment and rising prices have left shoppers understandably worried. In this environment, retailer/supplier trading relationships continue to evolve. Fiona Miller explores what you can expect from those changes and how we can help...

  • Trading relationships: where should you focus?

    We explore the increasing complexity of trading relationships between retailers and suppliers and identify their key areas of focus in the next 12 months.




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