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Supply Chain 'Plate to Plough' and Collaboration Workshops

A series of workshops to help the supply chain team of our retailer client to ‘think like consumers, act like retailers’

Their challenge

 Our client wanted to build the knowledge, confidence and experience of their supply chain team as an enabler to more collaborative working across the end-to-end supply chain.

Our solution

We developed two highly interactive sessions that explored the supply chain from plate-to-plough and improving collaboration with suppliers.  Both sessions were highly visual and interactive and, by involving participation from across different functions and organisations, provided the opportunity to explore the extended supply chain.

The outcome

This was a unique experience for our customer’s team; one where they could hear and see first-hand the supply chain challenges from the perspective of others in the chain – in store, in DC and in suppliers.  Feedback from the sessions was extremely positive and it has created a strong platform for driving change in behaviour. “This is a model that could be used elsewhere with other retailers, suppliers and at a higher level within organisations.  IGD have the experience to bring it to life and adapt accordingly”.

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