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During times of sustained low growth, it’s understandable that you might focus your energies on the short-term challenges. But it’s all too easy to miss the bigger picture: the pace and scale of change in the grocery industry and the key role that megatrends play in defining them.

Megatrends — patterns of behaviour that have a large-scale transformative effect on business, are the lifeblood of retail evolution.

To thrive, and indeed to survive, businesses have to be able to identify the megatrends from which new disruptive forces will emerge, assess the potential impacts & opportunities for their business and then apply this thinking to plan for them. And that’s where we come in. With a sound, tried and trusted methodology, we can offer you the means to develop the thought-leadership to take your business forward.

How we do it

Our global reach and continually growing body of research means that we’re continually scanning the horizon for future trends.

By taking a macro perspective — encompassing both trends and geo-political stressors, and factoring in economic possibilities, we formulate a broad view of the outlook. We then add to this both your expertise and our specialist insight gleaned from tracking trends in retail formats, along with our forensic studies of shopper behaviour. The result is compelling, client-relevant future scenarios — and a potent formula to power your planning.

See our senior retail analyst Chris Kirkland’s in-depth presentation

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Your future, your fit

It’s about your future. So we take a flexible approach to deliver the right fit for you. Companies such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever have trusted us to take hold of their future scenario planning — now it’s your turn.

The time is now. Talk to us about what the future could hold.

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