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  • Five behaviours of a cohesive team

    Learn about the 5 behaviours that high performing teams have in common and take away tips that you can apply within your own team.

  • Learning about negotiation from a Scotland Yard-trained expert

    Former Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard’s National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit Richard Mullender shared the secrets he learned during his time as a hostage negotiator, bringing elite persuasion techniques into the public domain for the first time!

  • Event write-up: Three tips for becoming a life changing manager

    Across six evening events, Courageous Success shared their hints and tips for taking management skills to the next level, looking at everything from values-based management, to emotional responsibility, to appreciating others’ strengths and values.

  • Hot tips: emotional intelligence

    In this bitesize video, Emotional Intelligence expert Dr Rebecca Johannsen explains how learning to navigate emotions in the workplace can help you build better business relationships and be more productive, and shares her top tips.

  • 60 second learning: synchronise your supply chain

    In this 60 second video we reveal 4 quick ways that you can synchronise your supply chain so can you can better meet the needs of the end consumer. Then, why not test your knowledge in our quiz?

  • Grocery retail evolution – what next?

    What do innovative technologies, new players and blurring channels mean for the future of the grocery industry? In this article, James Walton our chief economist, explores some of the factors most likely to drive changes in the market.

  • 60 second learning: retail evolution

    The retail landscape is changing at a rapid rate. In this 60 Second video, we share the key trends that will impact your business in the future.

  • 60 Second learning: powered by people

    In such a competitive business environment, you need to be prepared to think outside the box when it comes to finding the next talent for your Supply Chain team. Watch the video to discover 5 ways you can take a fresh approach to recruitment. Then, why not take our quiz to test your knowledge?

  • 60 second learning: understanding shoppers

    Creating successful products and campaigns depends on understanding shoppers. But every shopper has different habits and priorities. So how can we better understand them? In this short video, we explain our approach based on extensive research. Then, why not take the quiz to see how well you understand...

  • The changing workplace: three trends

    In these short videos with IGD’s Chief Economist, James Walton, find out how three key trends will be shaping the industry in the months and years ahead.

  • Day in the life of a…shopper and category insight manager

    Shopper & Category Management is a varied and ever-changing area. But in this short video we get a glimpse into what a typical day might look like with Insight Manager Marina Del Monte from Pfizer. Watch the video to find out how data is turned into tailored plans to grow the business.

  • Change lives, be a manager

    Who has inspired you in your life? Many of us can cite a teacher, or a friend, who we totally ’got‘ and who totally ’got‘ us. They believed in us and there was a magical spark that ignited a change within us that shifted something fundamental.

  • A career in: data and insight

    Marketing and customer insight specialist Harsimrat Kaura talks to us about her role in data insight, and describes the skills needed to be top of the game.

  • Career profile: category and customer development

    In this 6-minute video, Head of Customer Development, Lucy Bearman, shares her insights on her role.

  • Why is change so challenging?

    In this article, Richard Abrahams – CEO & Founder of TLC International Development – looks at three different perspectives on change. Get to grips with how you, your team and your business can embrace it.

  • Career profile: category manager

    Want to know what it takes to be a Senior Category Manager? Find out what’s involved and what skills you need to be successful in this vital role.

  • PowerPoint cheat sheet

    Ahead of our Amazing PowerPoint Techniques Webinar, we share some handy tips and shortcuts to help you save time on presentation building.

  • 12 step process for achieving your goals

    Paul Matthews from People Alchemy is the guest presenter for our How to Set Achievable Goals Webinar taking place in November. Here, he talks about goal setting and more about what you’ll learn from his session.

  • 60 second learning: supply chain success

    Watch this short clip with IGD Supply Chain Insight Manager, Alex Edge, to find out the ultimate measure of supply chain success and get tips on how to achieve it within your business.

  • Making networking easy

    Nick Davies of Really Great Training will be at this year’s Leading Edge Annual Conference delivering practical and effective networking tips. Here are some of his beginner tips to get you started.

  • Step out to achieve success

    Influential change advocate, Joy Marsden, is speaking at this year’s Leading Edge Annual conference. Here, she shares her philosophy on the importance of stepping up to enable change.

  • 60 second learning: project planning

    Be honest, do you try and plan projects by yourself? Project Management specialist, Bryan Barrow, explains how crucial to success it is to get stakeholders involved right from the start and gives you three tips for holding a planning workshop.

  • Video: achieving success

    In these exclusive 60-second videos, two influential speakers share their top tips for achieving success. Influential change advocate Joy Marsden explains 4 key ingredients for self-leadership that will help you step up to challenge and change. Learn how to re-energise yourself in the pursuit of your...

  • Cheat sheet: seven easy steps to project management success

    If you’ve just been asked to take charge of a new project, here’s how you can create an effective plan in next to no time at all!

  • Speaker Q&A: Bryan Barrow, project management specialist

    Project management speaker and coach Bryan Barrow is joining us for our free Leading Edge masterclass series – Project Planning: How to get it right – in September. We spoke to him at our offices to find out more about why this topic is so important and what you can expect to learn during the masterclass.

  • Top tips for making the move from player to manager

    Are you looking to in the near future or have just made the move or from being one of the team to managing a team?

  • 60 second learning: successful category management

    In this short video, we reveal the "Triple Win" formula to help Category Managers create a compelling sell-in story.

  • The power of authenticity

    How do you make sure you're staying authentic? Liz Villani, founder of Courageous Success, gives her advice with some questions you can ask yourself to stay on track!

  • 60 second learning: shopper activation

    In this 60 second video IGD Category Expert Ray Leung shares some surprising facts about point of sale and highlights 3 key considerations for effective shopper activation.

  • Factfile: Victoria Russell from Charlie Bigham’s

    View our fact file page on Victoria Russell from Charlie Bigham’s where she shares her career journey so far, how training has helped her develop the skills required for her role, plus three helpful top tips on skills for the workplace.

  • CIPD models that can help you become a better line manager

    Until the (now Chartered) Institute of Personnel and Development commissioned a piece of research in 1997, there was little concrete evidence to substantiate impact of people management. Now, however, it's commonly accepted that happy people make productive workers. Senior Commercial Capability Manager...

  • Number one business tip

    In this short video Cassandra Stravrou, our IGD Entrepreneur award winner 2015 tells us her number one business tip.

  • Personal branding and personal goals interview

    Mike Darby from IGD interviews two speakers from our 2016 Getting Started conference. Nicola Morgan from Icamini and Richard Abrahams from TLC International Development, discuss about personal branding and personal goals.

  • The worst presenting mistakes

    In this video we see Erick Rainey at our Leading Edge Conference 2015 telling us and showing us the worst mistakes you can make when presenting. He provides a wealth of really good examples for you to watch out for!

  • First step to achieving goals

    John Hotowka has wowed our Leading Edge audiences on a couple of occasions with his magic and helpful hints and tips. In this Video John provides us with words of wisdom by telling us the first step to achieving goals.

  • Tips for influencing and building your confidence

    In this short interview our L&D Programme Manager Haidee Elise asks Dexter Moscow about his career and helpful hints and tips for influencing and building your confidence when using the powers of persuasion.

  • 60 second learning: brand marketing

    Marketing expert Graham Appleyard provides us with a top tip to help us get our brand communication right.

  • Business writing

    You write every single day at work. But you don’t think of yourself as a writer. You know what you need to say, but you struggle to make your readers sit up and pay attention. If that sounds familiar, our webinar will give your business writing a lift.

  • Seven things that great brands have in common

    Ahead of the Leading Edge Brand Marketing: All paths lead to purchase masterclass taking place across April, special guest author and Joint Managing Director of brand consultancy Flintlock, tells us about the things he thinks make any brand great.

  • Normal not formal: why our writing might not be quite what you’re expecting

    Hannah Moffatt, creative director at language consultancy The Writer, looks at the way that our expectation of business writing is changing, and why.

  • 60 second learning: leadership

    In this 60 Second Learning video JJ Lynch from Leading Edge Leadership will tell you the two best skills you need in order to be a great leader”.

  • A fitness resolution you can stick to

    If you have not as yet made a New Year’s resolution, or have made one you know you won’t stick to, we urge you to consider an alternative for 2016. One that can be stuck to throughout your career as it becomes a habitual part of your working life.

  • 60 second learning: presentation slides

    In this 60 second learning, find out the best way to use presentation slides to create a memorable presentation.

  • Three secrets of great leadership

    In this brand new article JJ Lynch of Leading Edge Leadership looks at the ways in which great leaders make their mark

  • An introduction to public speaking

    Leading public speaking expert Simon Bucknall looks at why the art of presenting has become so important for career progression and one reason why so many of us struggle to get it right.

  • Economics: pricing considerations for suppliers

    In this short video from our Economics masterclass, IGD's Chief Economist James Walton talks about pricing considerations for suppliers.

  • 60 second learning: trends

    In this 60 second learning, Simon Attfield our Category Insight Manager will take you through three checks to identify sustainable trends in order to gain actionable insights.

  • The positivity challenge

    People development specialists Courageous Success will be delivering the upcoming Powerful Positivity at Work Leading Edge masterclass, taking place across the UK in November. Here, Courageous Success Development Partner Liz Mortley provides us with some insight into the benefits of taking the positivity...

  • Industry leaders champion people development

    Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) UK has appointed two new group co-chairs, Sarah Newbitt - Vice President Supply Chain at Unilever, and Tom Hebbert - Supply Chain Transformation Director at Tesco. Under their guidance ECR UK will continue to provide industry leadership, education and guidance on key...

  • Video review: line management for commercial teams taster

    Gill from 2 Sisters Food Group gives a short review of the IGD Academy Line Management for Commercial Teams taster session, delivered at September's Leading Edge Annual Conference.

  • Multichannel trends and innovation in grocery

    In these two short videos our IGD expert tells us about Multichannel trends and innovation within the grocery sector. Is Multichannel shopping the norm? What does Multichannel shopping mean for the retailer? Is counting calories you lose walking round the supermarket appealing?

  • How to make your category vision sound irresistible

    Have you ever poured your blood sweat and tears into your category vision only to find it hard to gain traction with your customers? We suggest some key things to consider before taking your vision external.

  • IGD Training quiz

    Store ranges are being reduced to improve the shopping experience and drive efficiencies. As retailers evaluate the range, do you know the true value of your products to them?

  • Tackling shelf-friendly packaging in Australia

    In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Packaging, IGD helped train 90 packaging designers, technologists and engineers in the art of shelf friendly packaging (SFP) across two weeks last year.

  • 60 second learning: creativity

    This video provides two top tips to help you solve a tough challenge or problem.

  • Influencing: using the power of storytelling

    Find out more about influencing through storytelling by watching our short interview with Simon Arrowsmith from Grow The People.

  • Six ways to plan curiosity into your day

    Shelford Chandler is Creative Director at Giant Steps, and will be delivering the free Leading Edge masterclass series Creativity: What it really means and why you should care in September. Here Shelford gives us a few tips on how curiosity can stimulate creative thinking.

  • High performing teams: three main attributes

    In this short video IGD's Graham Dorrington (Senior Commercial Capability Manager) will take you through the 3 main attributes for high performing teams. This topic is covered in much more detail within our Academy Line Management workshop along with many other useful tools to help you put in place key...

  • The 9.5 things you need to do to achieve any goal

    John Hotowka is a professional after dinner and business speaker, magician and Professional Speaking Association Award of Excellence winner. Here, he talks to us about the key things you can do to help you achieve your goals.

  • 60 second learning: selling

    This sixty second video provides a quick tool called the 5C’s, designed to help you in any selling situation.

  • Speaker Q&A: JJ Lynch, Leading Edge Leadership

    JJ Lynch, from Leading Edge Leadership will be delivering an engaging presentation on the benefits of setting goals. Here is a sneak peak at what you can expect from his presentation at the event in June.

  • Taster session in category management

    This video is a recording of our Taster Session in Category Management webinar. IGD category insight manager Simon Attfield tells us what category management is, why it shouldn’t just live in its own department and how all functions can better use category management principles to drive business benefits....

  • 60 second learning: networking

    This sixty second video provides a quick tool called C.H.A.T, designed to help you in any networking situation.

  • Peak performance podcast

    In this podcast you will hear Steve Bentley from First Ascent talking about ‘Managing Peak Performance’ at our 2014 Leading Edge Convention. Steve believes that a corporate athletes mind set can help you in today’s business environment and here provides some tips on how you can be on top of your game!

  • Q&A follow up to Excel webinar on five functions

    Guest speaker Emily John from Franklin John Ltd was inundated with questions after her fully booked ‘5 Excel functions that will change your life’ webinar. In this short video Emily answers 3 of the most popular questions that she was asked on the day.

  • How to embrace failure

    After an exceptional main stage presentation at last years Leading Edge Annual Conference, we are delighted to announce that Richard Tyler of BTFI will be joining us again for this years’ Conference taking place on 8th September in London. Richard’s session will be focused around the idea of taking...

  • Speaker Q&A: Phil Lynas, All About Food

    Phil Lynas, owner of distribution company All About Food, will be delivering an exclusive keynote speech at the Getting Started event, discussing how he went from brewing company brand manager, to global marketing and UK sales director, to creating a successful company of his own. Here is a sneak peak...

  • Networking: getting on with people

    Nick Davies, LLB (hons), barrister, will be our guest speaker for the Networking: ‘Getting on with people’ masterclass taking place across May. We caught up with him for a quick chat about his transition from barrister to trainer, and what people can expect from his masterclass.

  • Super managers: how they do it and how you can too

    Paul Matthews, founder of People Alchemy and expert in informal learning as well as management development, is running Leading Edge's March masterclass “Super Managers: How they do it and how you can too”. We caught up with him to ask about his latest thinking about performance and capability at work.

  • Five Excel functions that will change your life

    In this Leading Edge webinar video Emily John from Franklin John LTD will teach you the 5 most important Excel functions you need to use on a daily basis – shortcuts that could save you hours at your desk every week.

  • Watch our communication masterclass on conversations

    Communication is one of the most powerful tools you will ever possess! Our Leading Edge masterclass video will help you master the art of communication through conversation.

  • Team Motivation masterclass

    Team motivation is a much talked about hot topic; how do you really ensure that you, and those around you, are switched on, pointed in the right direction and ready to seize the moment? Watch the video from our recent Team motivation masterclass and find out.

  • Raising your cultural awareness

    In this Leading Edge webinar recording, intercultural trainer Matthew Hill talks through how to raise your cultural awareness.

  • Number one tip for nerves

    Do you get nervous when presenting? In these short videos, Peter Roper - special guest speaker from the Leading Edge Public Speaking masterclass series - shares some tips for improving your presentation styles.

  • Lateral thinking: top four tips

    Rob Huntington from Go MAD Thinking talks us through his top 4 tips on how you can use lateral thinking to solve problems.

  • Pivot tables will save your life

    In this video, Emily John, Managing Director of Franklin John Ltd, explains all you need to know about Pivot Tables.

  • Influencing and impact

    At our Getting Started 2014 event Patrick Bird covered the impact of influencing, sharing his top tips with over 350 people across the two days. Watch a video of his great presentation here.

  • Get what you want from your meetings

    In this webinar recording, global professional meeting facilitation company Meeting Magic demonstrate highly useful ways to prepare for meetings, deliver them in productive ways, and address some of the critical and sometimes vexing issues many people experience in meetings.

  • Finance for non-finance people

    Richard Staszkiewicz looks at the common financial documents that you may come into contact with across your working life and aims to help you improve your confidence when dealing with financial processes.

  • Effective business writing

    Learn how to simplify your writing style to achieve maximum impact in minimum time with this webinar recording from Leading Edge.

  • Building effective teams

    In this short video, Veronica Baldwin - guest speaker at the 2012 Leading Edge Annual Convention - talks us through her VIVID approach to 'building effective teams'.

  • Powering through pressure

    Personal development coach Bruce Hoverd is speaking at Leading Edge's January Masterclass series. We catch up with him to ask about dealing with pressure...

  • Convention presentation recording: economic update

    Watch a recording of IGD's Chief Economist James Walton speaking at the Leading Edge Annual Convention 2014.

  • How to get better work from agencies

    A well written and well thought-through brief can be the difference between ‘good enough’ and ‘great’ work from your agency. Stephen Hillier from The Media Group shows what you need to do to write a good brief.

  • The art of switching off

    In this day and age, when so many of us work with our heads rather than solely with our hands, switching off may not be as simple as leaving work and going home (or for that matter, leaving home and going to work).. Grace Marshall shares her tips for switching off.

  • The growth mindset of the corporate athlete

    Richard Tyler, Director of Performance and Possibility at BTFI, tells us what you can expect from his session on ‘developing a growth mindset’ at the Leading Edge Annual Convention 2014.

  • Seeking the mutual benefits

    Negotiating contracts in today’s markets can be extremely tough. Philip Cripps offers ten tips for perfecting this subtle art form.

  • Problem solving

    Suzanne Wood from Go MAD Thinking describes how you can solve problems quickly and effectively and reduce the need to go back to the drawing board by using a solution focused thinking approach.

  • Presentations: five steps to hosting great Q&A sessions

    Answering your audience's questions is a great opportunity for a presenter. But you need to be ahead of the should aim to be fully prepared before you face your presentation audience. Andrew Ivey from Time to Market provides some handy Q&A tips.

  • Personal development: why bother?

    Though personal development training may be last on your list of things to do, there is good reason to bolster your soft skills and focus on improving what you think you’re already great at.

  • Organisational politics

    Hear the phrase ‘office politics’ and many will see it as destructive, energy-sapping and damaging to individuals and organisations. However politics need not be negative and it won’t serve you well if you try to ignore it and hope it will go away. In reality, politics play a major role in how things...

  • Driving competitive advantage through personal leadership

    Strip away distractions such as technology, process, finance and trading and it becomes clear that, for anyone privileged to hold a management position, the development of “soft” personal skills is essential.

  • Networking etiquette: Get the most from business networking

    Few people relish the thought of 'working the room' at a networking event. So here are a few top tips to help make networking less stressful and more effective so you get the best out it.

  • Make your first impression the right impression

    Patrick Bird provides some tips on how to make a good first impression in meetings with prospective clients or customers.

  • Leading the way with communication

    One of the fundamental principles of leadership is amplification. Gilly Meek looks into what amplification means and how you can benefit from it.

  • Handling difficult conversations on projects

    How often do we plan effectively for difficult conversations? Patrick Bird looks at how we can improve the way we handle difficult and challenging conversations to make them more effective, improving individual and team productivity and our business relationships.

  • Go on an ‘inspedition’ and discover what works!

    Tony Burgess, Director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd (Aha!), looks at how what goes on on the inside affects how you behave and communicate on the outside.

  • Staying in control

    The negative impact of stress at work is now widely recognised and well documented. Here, Gary Miles from Roffey Park shares his top tips for beating stress at work.

  • Telling tales: why business needs more stories

    In business we need strong and appropriate stories to help people learn, build trust, sell a vision and to support reasons for change.

  • The beginners guide to social networking

    People who don’t grasp the power of social networks will soon be left behind, yet many businesses and individuals still struggle to recognise why they should participate online. Andy Lopata provides ten simple things to think about before you join a social network.

  • The power of milestones management

    Stuart Cross from Morgan Cross Consulting explains the importance of milestones in business.

  • The secrets of connection

    Whatever roles you live out in life, there is an inherent need to form relationships and express yourself. Richard Tyler looks at the skills great ‘connectors’ have.

  • Getting the best from your team

    Engaging staff is part of effective leadership and must be picked up by leaders at all levels, and has a host of benefits.

  • Getting creative about thinking

    There are two modes of thinking that we switch between to be able to be creative and run our lives - critical thinking and creative thinking. Ayd Instone looks at both.

  • Effective networking

    The more you practice at networking, the more confident you become and the more you start to relax and enjoy the experience. Jay Norbury from Redbury Coaching gives some top tips on how to get started with networking and how to successfully maximise your network.

  • Whose success is it anyway?

    Are you sitting firmly in the driving seat of your own success? A core achievement principle that works consistently well in life. So what are the implications adopting such a principle?

  • Does email control you or do you control it?

    Are you one of those people who feel under pressure to check their emails, once, twice, 15, or perhaps even 40 times an hour? What is it that drives this behaviour? Stuart Powell asks does email control you, or do you control it?

  • Work smarter, not harder

    Is it true that working smarter precludes the need to work hard? Nicola Morgan from Icamani investigates.

  • Start to use data more effectively in 6 easy steps

    Never has the effective use of data been more important than in today’s tough trading climate. Graham Dorrington looks at the power of data and shows how you can turn data into insight and action.

  • Nine ways to create a positive personal brand

    Do you understand what a potential employer or client looks for and sees within the first seven seconds of meeting you? In this article Dawn Winder explains just how powerful first impressions can be.

  • Six ways to enhance your personal development

    Personal development isn’t just about formal training. No matter how good the training, you are unlikely to experience the full benefit if you don’t reinforce your learning on a more regular basis. That’s why developing new skills and knowledge around your day-to-day work can be so powerful. What’s more,...

  • Change behaviours to change the culture

    Peter Holloway from Shirlaws Coaching looks at why it is it we only notice company culture when it seem to be wrong, and how can effective change can be made.

  • Building sustainable relationships in project teams

    Patrick Bird looks at the difficulties that project managers face when bringing together diverse personalities, and some of the techniques that they can use to help understand what drives their team members.

  • Become the leader you were meant to be

    Stuart Cross of Morgan Cross Consulting talks us through leadership and the 4 basic styles that leaders may adopt.

  • Become a better manager

    What can you do to make sure you’re in charge of your own career progression, and that the effort you’re putting in is recognised by the right people? Lisa Smale from The Good Boss Company outlines how you can take responsibility and become a better manager.

  • 10 tips for delivering great projects

    Sarah Wilson from 54 Degrees provides ten project management tips to show you how to engage your team, keep motivation high and deliver your projects successfully.

  • 10 tips for being more assertive

    Assertiveness is essential if you’re to get what you want. Jermaine Edwards from global training and coaching consultancy Speak First offers advice on how to be effective in a range of situations.

  • 10 dimensions of great customer service

    Although most executives talk about the importance of customer service, far fewer are able to succinctly describe what they mean by this term. It can easily become an empty cliché rather than a focused strategy for growth.

  • The psychology of success

    Shona Rowan explains how the “psychology of success” means aligning our core thoughts, beliefs and expectations with what we are trying to achieve in order to maximise our results.

  • Why personal development shouldn't be last on your to-do list

    Lorraine Shingler explains why bolstering your ‘soft skills’ can make all the difference to success in your job.



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