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IGD Retail Safari, Dublin: The opportunity for food-to-go in grocery, 15 June

IGD Retail Safari, Dublin: The opportunity for food-to-go in grocery 
Thursday, 15 June 2017 | Dublin, 8:00am - 4:00pm

Ireland has long been a destination for great retail and food-to-go fusion: this is now evolving into new territory, as retailers reach new heights in targeting an increasing range of food missions. In few other European markets have retailers focused so much on targeting the food-to-go opportunity, with an array of concepts and solutions designed to attract more frequent shopper visits. If aiming for this market is important to your business, you must attend this retail safari.

The experience

What is a retail safari?

Our safaris are designed to bring you up to speed rapidly with the latest trends and innovations, helping you to understand opportunities for your business.

Guided by the IGD team, you’ll visit some of Dublin’s best stores, to see the food-to-go opportunity first-hand. Plus, you’ll understand how this fits into convenience store formats and aligns with food-for-later in larger format stores.

Why attend?

  1. Dublin’s stores lead the way in retail and food-to-go fusion, so anyone looking at this opportunity needs to see these stores
  2. This is your chance to combine store visits with our market insight, in a full day long package of food-to-go immersion, hosted by our expert analysts
  3. Get first hand feedback from the store management team on the day to day operations

Why should I join your safari rather than visiting stores on my own?

  • We know the best stores to visit and are experienced in planning effective itineraries, helping you get the most from your time whilst making the logistics easy
  • You’ll gain access to store management, enabling you to deepen your understanding of ways of working and concepts
  • We’ll present innovations and concepts within our view of the market or channel landscape, helping you to “join the dots” between different trends and formats
  • Downloadable pre-reads and post-event summaries will provide you with key learnings and photos of the concepts
  • IGD’s channel and market experts will be on hand during the day to answer your questions, and help you take the most benefit from the experience

What will the day involve?

  • An informal briefing session – giving you our latest view on food-to-go and how it relates to the broader evolution of convenience stores and supermarkets. We'll also explain more about the concepts we’ll be visiting during the day
  • A tour of our favourite Dublin stores – showing trends in action plus the latest innovations and opportunities in food-to-go
  • A de-brief session – helping you extract key learnings for your business

Essential information

  • Arrive at 8:00am for a prompt start. The tour will finish at 4:00pm.
  • The Safari will begin in Central Dublin and finish at Dublin Airport
  • The dress code is casual
  • In-store lunch is included
  • Transport will be provided during the tour

Your retail safari leader

Gavin Rothwell

Gavin Rothwell leads IGD’s food-to-go programme, and has been instrumental in building IGD’s knowledge and expertise in this area. He also leads IGD’s retail safari programme in Europe. Prior to this he managed Retail Analysis, IGD’s online grocery retail insight service that covers almost 400 retailers worldwide as well as markets, channels and trends.

Gavin closely tracks major trends and strategies, across both retail and food-to-go. He has worked with a number of our clients on a customised basis to explain the implications of key sector trends and developments, and has led many of them ‘on safari’, exploring trends in action around major European cities.



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