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Practical open workshops

Our workshops are informative and engaging, delivering interactive training through practical exercises and group work. Affordable, inspirational and enjoyable, they are a great way for time-pressed managers to upgrade existing skills and gain new ones.

Building your multichannel strategy

Building your multichannel strategy

30 September 2014

A one day workshop designed to take you out of the day-to-day and explore in detail the world of multichannel retailing.

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Successful category management


Advanced category management 

Category management simulation model
Successful category management workshop

5-6 August 2014
This popular two day workshop will ensure you understand and are able to implement the core principles and techniques our industry uses to develop effective category plans.

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  Advanced category management workshop

12-13 August 2014 -  1 place left!
IGD's two day simulation model workshop will enable you to understand how to turn the theory of category management into growth plans for your organisation.

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Delivering shopper engagement


Generating actionable insights

Driving shopper engagement workshop

14-15 October 2014
Discover how to put the shopper at the heart of brand, category, retail and commercial decision making at this two day workshop.

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  Generating actionable insights workshop

10-11 September 2014 
A two day interactive course designed to help you get the most value out of your data and turn it into actionable insight and drive strategic and tactical plans.

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Customise a course to suit your team

If you don't see quite what you're looking for, why don't you let us develop something that meets your needs? Email to discuss how we can tailor a solution for you.

Developing a customer focused supply chain

Developing a customer focused supply chain workshop30 September  2014
An interactive one day workshop exloring the needs of retail and wholesale customers, and how suppliers can respond to develop a customer centric supply chain strategy. This workshop includes a session with a senior supply chain leader from a UK retailer.

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Successful account management


Account Manager to Business Manager

Account management simulation model
Successful account management workshop

21-22 October 2014
A two day workshop to help you strengthen your commercial capability and be successful in the fast paced environment of the account manager.

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  Account management to business manager workshop

24-25 September 2014
A high energy and highly interactive two day workshop that will give you the insight into the skills that will enable you to make the transition from account manager to business manager.

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NEW! Building your multichannel strategy 


NEW! Successful joint business planning 

Building your multichannel strategy workshop

30 September 2014
If you operate in food and consumer goods, you operate in a multichannel world. This new workshop is designed to explore in detail the world of multichannel retailing.

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  Successful joint business planning workshop

9 September 2014
IGD's new workshop is designed to offer practical help in planning and preparing joint business plans, whether you are new to this way of working or just need to take time out and look at what you do in a different light

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Customise a course to suit your team

If you don't see quite what you're looking for, why don't you let us develop something that meets your needs? Email to discuss how we can tailor a solution for you. 

Sustainability in the food and
grocery industry


Introduction to supply chain

This practical one day workshop is designed to help you develop your understanding of sustainability within the food and grocery industry.

  A practical one day workshop demonstrating the role that supply chains play in underpinning retailers' and suppliers' businesses.

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Investment and promotional effectiveness


How to win in UK grocery

A one day workshop designed to help you recognise opportunities and identify which promotional mechanics will deliver the best results.   Get up to speed on retailer priorities, channel opportunities and how market dynamics are changing for retailers and suppliers with this one day workshop.

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Forthcoming free Leading Edge events

  • The Leading Edge Annual Convention 2014

    Are you a Corporate Athlete? In today's ever-changing workplace the need to be continually at your best and perform at peak level is more important than ever. This year's Leading Edge Convention contains a mix of industry insight and personal development presentations to help you release the Corporate Athlete within!

  • Whose supply chain is it anyway?

    Do you work in marketing, sales, trading, procurement, buying, account management, manufacturing or retail? Do you shop as a consumer? Come along to our free Leading Edge Masterclass and find out how your role can help give your company a competitive advantage in this fast paced changing environment that we all work in.

  • How to be a Productivity Ninja: Beyond time management

    We're all overwhelmed with the amount of information and distraction we face in our work. It's no longer enough to just focus on your time management: it's time to think about how you manage your attention and focus, manage your projects and actions, and manage your choices. Join us for this jam-packed two-hour masterclass.

  • Everything starts with a conversation

    Conversation is a pretty basic communication technique - but do we make the most of it? When do we choose to use it? What are the best ones to have? Join Two Bald Blokes for this free two hour communications Leading Edge Masterclass focusing on 'conversations'

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NEW! Successful joint business planning

An energising one day workshop which reinforces the discipline of in depth planning and preparation behind developing more compelling joint business plans.

IGD Academy Pocketbook 2014

The IGD Academy is the centre of excellence for strategic insights, learning and development, helping to build the capability of people and businesses around the world. The IGD Academy Pocketbook provides details of our portfolio of learning and development solutions.

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