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Training events

Whether you attend a training workshop or one of our free masterclasses and webinars, you can be sure to find them engaging, inspirational and enjoyable. We regularly add new dates and events to the programme, so keep checking for updates!

Upcoming training events

  • Leading Edge Annual Conference 2016

    08 September 2016, London

    The theme this year is all about believing in yourself to become the best you can be. A unique day of personal development for all levels and all functions. Book your free place today.

  • Getting Started in the Discount Channel

    08 September 2016, IGD, Watford

    An interactive workshop that will get you up to speed on the UK discount channel; explore where the growth is set to come from over the next 5 years and assess the opportunity.

  • Getting Started in the Convenience Channel

    13 September 2016, IGD, Watford

    A one day workshop designed to help you improve your understanding of convenience and make the most of this key strategic opportunity.

  • Account Manager to Business Manager

    14 September 2016 - 15 September 2016, IGD, Watford

    A high energy and highly interactive two day workshop that will give you the insight into the skills that will enable you to make the transition from account manager to business manager.

  • Project Planning: How To Get It Right

    Multiple dates and venues

    An essential masterclass putting you in control of the project, rather than letting the project get control of you.

  • Advanced Category Management

    20 September 2016 - 21 September 2016, IGD, Watford

    IGD's two day simulation game workshop will enable you to understand how to turn the theory of category management into growth plans for your organisation.

  • Webinar: Meetings That Count

    23 September 2016 - 23 September 2016

    How do you feel about meetings? They can be liberating! Join us for this insightful and practical webinar from The Facilitation Partnership who will share their secrets for holding successful meetings.

  • Turning Data into Insight

    27 September 2016, IGD, Watford

    This interactive one day workshop takes you through the end-to-end process from identifying the information you need, through to delivering actionable insights.

  • Successful Account Management

    28 September 2016 - 29 September 2016, IGD, Watford

    A stimulating and thought-provoking workshop which provides the tools, processes, skills and structures to effectively manage customer relationships.

  • Successful Shopper Understanding

    05 October 2016, IGD, Watford

    Understand your shopper, their needs and behaviours, and how they impact on commercial decision-making through this practical and interactive one-day workshop. Book on both our shopper series workshops...

  • Successful Shopper Activation

    06 October 2016, IGD, Watford

    Using the most recent research and illustrated through industry case studies, this one day course provides the key principles and proven techniques you need to successfully activate your plans with shoppers. Book on both our shopper...

  • Category Leadership

    11 October 2016 - 12 October 2016, IGD, Watford

    A new groundbreaking workshop has been designed to provide you with the process and tools to create genuine category leadership in your business.

  • Supply Chain: The Essentials

    13 October 2016, IGD, Watford

    A practical one day workshop for all roles in suppliers, to help develop your understanding of the vital part that supply chains play in underpinning FMCG businesses.

  • Introduction to Line Management and Leadership

    18 October 2016 - 19 October 2016, IGD, Watford

    From benchmarking your performance to that of your team, to converting your organisation’s goals into team objectives and ultimately, outcomes, this workshop will show you how to strike the balance between processes and personal style.

  • Change Management: For You, Your Teams And Your Organisation

    Multiple dates and venues

    A highly interactive and engaging masterclass which will take you through a step by step process to ensure you lead successful change.

  • Successful Joint Business Planning

    27 October 2016, IGD, Watford

    An energising one day workshop designed to offer practical help in planning and preparing joint business plans, whether you are new to this way of working or just need to take time out and look at what you do in a different light.

  • Category Management in Online Retailing

    10 November 2016, IGD, Watford

    In this one-day workshop, you'll discover the key opportunities of online retailing and how to activate them as part of your overall category strategy.

  • Getting Started in the Online Channel

    15 November 2016, IGD, Watford

    Be at the forefront of developments in the online channel and maximise the opportunities for your business with this stimulating and thought provoking one-day workshop.

  • Successful Category Management

    16 November 2016 - 17 November 2016, IGD, Watford

    This popular two day workshop will ensure you understand and are able to implement the core principles and techniques our industry uses to develop effective category plans.

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